Jan 30, 2013

Post Office Fail

So, it's that time of year that we all kind of dread.  Tax season has begun and like everyone else out there, I've been patiently waiting to get all our w-2's so I could start the process of making sure I have paid my fair share of taxes due.

I don't love paying taxes but I do like to do them early and get them over with.

My w-2 from my former employer came a few weeks ago.  Cool!  It came earlier than I thought but I couldn't figure out why my husband's didn't come at the same time.  We were, after all, employed by the same company.   Time passed and a week later I got this awesome - and I mean awesome in that same sense as in having 10 root canals done at the same time and without anesthetic, not a good awesome - letter from the post office.

They wanted me to know that they "care".  They care!

Now, I fully understand that accidents happen.  Sometime mail gets lost, destroyed, stuck in hungry machines and what not.  But come on!  Of all the mail to have this happen too....

Ouch!  Yep, that's my husbands w-2, well, what's left of it.

The thing I'm having the most trouble with is that the part that is missing has ALL my husbands personal data on it.  Name, employer, address, social security number.  When this came I literally got sick to my stomach and now I'm constantly worrying about who has, or has had access, to all this info.

I keep wondering, where is the other half?  I know the good people at USPS said they cared but if they really cared, wouldn't they have put both pieces in the envelope?  I'm just having a hard time with this.  With Identity theft being such a big scary thing these days, well - UGH!!!

Oh, and guess what, to get a replacement - well, it costs money.  Pretty sure the post office isn't going to cover that expense.  It's just a bad situation all around. 

So, my point?  I just really hope that no one else has this happen to them.  When you get your w-2, hug it and be extra grateful that yours made it to you in one piece!