Jan 29, 2013

Hot! Red Hot!

Here's a quickie idea for you all.  Years ago I had a super fun job working for a super fun gal at her scrapbook/ gift store.  I loved it!  One of the things I made while working there were these little red hot packs for Valentine's day.  They are super easy.  Just buy a box of red hots and get a plastic treat bag.  Fill the bag with your treat and then attach a bag topper.  On my bag topper I just used the definition of "hot" - okay, so it didn't exactly come out of Webster with those words, but hey, it works.  It says:

"HOT - a. torrid, fiery, burining, roasting on fire, RED HOT, smokin', sizzlin', scalding, YOU!"

Happy Valentine's day.

Make one up and stick it in your significant other's coat pocket or leave it on the seat of their car.  Trust me, they will love knowing you think they are hot, RED HOT!!!