Dec 29, 2012

Use It Up!

So, New's Years.  Wow!  2013 is just a few days away.  I'm both pleased to have a clean slate and a little sad to say good-bye to 2012.  It was a year of growth for me, a good year.  I guess I move forward knowing 2012 is my foundation to build a great 2013 upon.

In 2013 I will...

- celebrate my 20 year wedding anniversary
- cry when my daughter turns 16 and will start dating and driving and working
- cry even harder when my twins turn 12, leave primary, and start middle school (they are my youngest)
and cry even harder, probably bawl, when I turn 40!

Oh boy, it will be a year...

So, New Year's resolutions?  Are you setting them?  Am I setting them?

Nope!  I'm not.  I always say I'll lose weight, I'll eat less, I'll exercise more but I start out well and then January 2nd hits and poof, I'm done.  Then I feel guilty.

So, no resolutions but I am going to make a conscious effort to do two things.  And, I'm not going to beat myself up if I fail, however, I want to be more aware of these two things in 2013.

1 - Gratitude!  I've been so touched these last few months from the kindness and gratitude from others.  My dear readers have helped out a women in need, (remember our fundraiser in October for a mom with cancer) and you've sent me "thank you" emails randomly just because.  It's been so nice to open my in-box and find a message from someone saying "thank you for writing a blog, thank you for sharing your creations, thank you for your words."  And, not only have I received emails but I've been sent cards in the mail too.  What a surprise!  They made my day.  To those of you who took the extra time to say "thanks" - thank you!

I'm channeling the gratitude and kindness that I've felt from others and I want to pass that along in 2013.  I want to be more aware of the little things people do and I want to let them know I noticed and I'm appreciative.  (I'll share more on this later as I have some tutorials already planned.)

2- I want to use what I have.  I cleaned out my bins, drawers, and shelves the other day and was so surprised at how much craft stuff I have.  I was even more surprised when I realized I'm not using it.  So, I'm going to try and put it to use this year.  I'll be sharing those projects as I go.  This will be good for me to use it up!  Also, funny thing, since I now work at a craft store, my desire to shop at them has decreased.  Using what I already have saves me a needless trip.

Here's a sample of one project I did with some items I had forgotten I had...

The clay necklace idea isn't new, you've seen the tutorials for both the Word Pendants and the mother's day necklace, however I haven't done initials before.  (if you want to see how to make this, click on one of the tutorials for a step-by-step guide)

Now, I'm not sure about you, but long before the days of cute rub-ons and Cricut machines, I went a little crazy and collected alphabet rubber stamps.  Did you do that too?  As I was cleaning the other day I found my stash.  This is only one bag and it has 4 different alpha sets in it.  I have other bags - with other sets - with multiple sizes - too.  Needless to say, I should be using them.

So I did.  I used them to make initial necklaces for all my daughter's friends as goodie bag gifts for their birthday party.  They were a hit!  It seemed all 12 girls loved their necklaces and I used something I already had - success!  

I hope to do more of this type of thing.  In 2013 I'm making an effort to use it up!  I found some fun old metal stencils in my stash - do you all remember those?  I have big plans for mine!

Anyway, as we send out the old year and welcome in the new, I just want to let you all know I'm happy you are here.  Thanks for stopping in every now and again!

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