Dec 31, 2012

Mr. Snowman Tutorial

Alright, you all know my recent fascination with these...
(***see the edit about fabric bolts below)

I already made this using one of them ...

And, he was cute.  I liked him.  Apparently my family liked him too because my husband, who very rarely discusses my crafts, said I should make a snowman next.  What?  He doesn't mind me crafting but he doesn't get involved much either so his comment rang in my ears a bit.  Needless to say, he inspired me.  So, I did it.  I took another empty fabric bolt and used it as the canvas to make a snowman.

And I like him.  He is cute.  He will be perfect to decorate my door for January.

Want to make one for yourself?  Here's the step-by-step tutorial.

You will need...

*an empty fabric bolt (why a fabric bolt? see below)
Quilt batting
Orange felt
Hot glue
Floss and needle (optional)

* So, why a fabric bolt?  Well, it's cool to use something that would normally go in the trash.  Recycle, right?!  We don't need more trash in the world, we need more creativity.  You could totally make this out of wood however wood is heavy, costs more, and does require special equipment for hanging.  Empty fabric bolts are very light weight which is awesome for hanging, they are no cost, and they don't require special equipment.  That sounds like a good reason to use them to me.  A little later in the tutorial I'll show you how I hang him.

*** If you go out seeking a bolt be sure to get one that is solid.  Some fabric bolts are just folded card board.  The fold kind won't work as well.  You want something like the one shown that has a front and back and is pretty solid.) 

Step 1:  I didn't want my snowman face to be as long as my Santa so I chose to cut the bolt in half.  It was easy to do, I just used scissors but if you have a box cutter, that would work great too.

Step 2:  Take just one piece of your cut bolt and lay it on top of your batting.  For the batting, I really like the Warm & Natural stuff.  It is dense plus the color is a warm white and is quite nice.

Step 3:  Take your batting and wrap it around the bolt.  I wrapped mine like I was wrapping a present, tucking in the corners and everything.  Then, using your glue gun, secure the wrapped pieces in place until everything is glued down well.

When you are done wrapping your batting and gluing it, you should have something that looks like the above photo.

Step 4:  Next, take your fleece and place it on your snowman head.  Play with it and position it where you'd like it.  I liked mine on a bit of an angle.  Then, roll the end of the fleece up a couple of times so that you have a brim to your hat and then fold the end pieces tightly, wrapping the ends around to the back.

Step 5:  Glue the end pieces of your hat down and secure in place.

Step 6:  Next, take a piece of ribbon, twine or leather - I used leather - and tie near the top of the hat.  Then, take scissors and cut your fabric into strips so it looks like a pompom at the top of the hat.

Step 7:  Now we move on to the face.  Start by using orange felt and cut out a nose in the shape of a carrot.  After I got it cut out, I laid it in place on the face.  It was ok, but I felt it needed something to define it more.  This is totally optional.  You could just glue your nose down and be done if you wanted. 

I chose to do a quick blanket stitch around the nose with some darker orange floss.  It was just what that nose needed. After it was all stitched I just hot glued the nose in place.  

Step 8:  Next you just need to add some buttons for the face.  Pretty easy so far, right?  Just hot glue them in place.  Did you notice that I used different sized buttons for the mouth?  I kind of like the fact that they are all different.  I think it gives my snowman some character and we all know that snowman need character.  

Step 9:  Next, cut a long, somewhat skinny, strip of fleece.  Then wrap it around the base or neck, wait, my snowman doesn't really have a neck.  Anyway, wrap it around the bottom, under the mouth and secure in place with just a little bit of glue. 

Step 10:  Embellish as needed.  I ended up adding a little orange felt flower to my guy.  I think he needed some embellishment on his hat.  Don't you agree?

and there you have it - another fabric bolt creation that's turned into a fun door decor.

At first I left the scarf long and hanging down but it felt off so I ended up tying it into a little bow.  Which way do you like best?

The bow takes it for me.  I think it balances it out a little better.

Oh, so how do I hang it up?  Good question.

It doesn't look pretty but I simply just cut an opening in the back of the bolt, trying to center it of course.  Then, clean it out.  I use an over-the-door wreath holder and the tip of it just slips easily right into the area I cut out.  It's super easy and low cost as I don't need any special anchor or hanging tools.

That's all!  Enjoy!


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