Nov 24, 2012

Nativity - Baby Jesus

Two posts in one day!  I don't usually do that but I know you are waiting on these tutorials so here you go, the last and final one.  I give you ...

The Baby Jesus

You will need:
Clay in Pearl, Beige, gold (or Yellow) and Hazelnut
Tin foil and a sharp tool, a tooth pick will work.

Step 1:  As with all the other tutorials, start by shaping your tin foil.  You will need a ball for the head and a small oblong form for the body.

Step 2:  Break off a little of the beige clay, condition it and cover the small tinfoil ball for the head.  Then use a little more beige clay and cover a small part of the tinfoil for the body.  Notice I didn't cover the whole body.  Only a small part of the beige will show, the rest will be covered in the next step. Once both pieces are covered, attach them together.

Step 3:  Condition your Pearl colored clay and flatten out.  Then place your body and head, that have been hooked together, on top of the flattened clay and wrap the clay around the body.  You want to leave the face open but the pearl clay can cover everything else.  Think swaddling clothes.

Step 4:  After your little guy is wrapped up, you need to build this cutie a face.  Start by adding a nose, then some eyes, and finally draw him a smile.

Step 5:  There you have it, Baby Jesus is made.

Now, we need to make our little King a humble place to sleep.

Step 1:  Again, we start with tin foil.  Make 4 little pieces for the legs

Step 2:  Using the Hazelnut clay, condition it and then wrap each piece of foil.  Be sure to smooth out the seams.

Be sure to flatten the bottom of each leg and make sure each leg can stand on it's own.  

Step 3:  Condition another piece of Hazelnut clay and flatten it out into an oval shape.  Then slightly raise the long edges so they curl in and upward.  Next, carefully place the piece on top of the legs and press to secure in place.  Make sure it is attached and holding well to the legs.   

Step 4:  For the hay, take small amounts of gold clay, condition into small balls and then roll out into ropes.  Drape the ropes of clay over the manger.  Repeat the process until you have as much hay as you'd like.

Step 5:  You're done!  Well, kind of, don't forget to cook both your manger and your Baby Jesus.  Place them in a pre-heated 275 degree oven for 15 to 18 minutes.  Let them cool completely and then place them together to complete the look!

That's it!  You now have the very last piece to make your whole set complete!