Oct 17, 2012

THANK YOU! & an Update!

I have been totally overwhelmed at the response I've gotten from my last post, A call for help
(if you missed it please see the link)

I have readers with kind hearts and it makes me teary to think that together we are going to help a family that  needs help.  Things aren't good for the mom but through it all she is positive.  I read a statement on her FB page, "You can't have a positive life with a negative mind!".  I'm hanging on to that one.  Despite her positive outlook, she is still worried about her 7 kids though so, thank you!  Thank you so much for helping!

To be honest, I didn't set my sights very high, I was just hoping to sell enough to give them $100 - with your help we've tripled that.  I'm thrilled.  Can you image if we could reach $500 before Monday?  I'm not sure if my crafty hands can keep up but I'm willing to try because I know it will make a difference.

So, if you are still thinking about buying something, please, please do - there is still time.  And,  just as a reminder, all the money from anything purchased from my Etsy shop, minus the shipping charge, will go directly to the family.  I'm donating all my supply costs.

Also, I've had several emails asking questions about some of my items.  My statement bracelets mostly, so I'm addressing some of the questions about them below...  

Q:  I like the wording but not the color of the suede, can the suede be changed?
A:  Absolutely!  If you order the bracelet, just leave a note in the comments section and state the color you would prefer.  Colors vary so please see the other listings to see color options.

Q:  What statements do you have left?
A:  I have restocked but here's a list of the available statements and the quantities I have left.

- Life is about creating yourself (2) (still to be posted)

Q:  I wanted to buy a pink braided breast cancer bracelet but they are no longer available, will you be restocking them?
A:  Yes, they are already listed and available for purchase.  

Remember, there are several different items available.  Not just bracelets.  I have necklaces, earrings, headbands and more.

Thank you all again!  Together we can do great things.