Sep 23, 2012

12 x 12 Scrabble Tiles Tutorial

Ok, I'll just say this first, scrabble tile crafts are not a new thing.  And, neither is using freezer paper but Hello!  I love them both and have yet to post anything about them.  Well, it's time.  Here's why...

We do photography on the side and we were all set to do a family session tonight, the family has a 7 letter last name and they also have 7 members in their family.  Because of this I really wanted their name displayed in a way that all members of their family could be involved so I pulled out my DIY skills and went to work.

Sadly, we had to postpone our session until Monday but I was still able to use some of the tiles tonight in an impromptu shoot that I took my daughter on.  Her name starts with "C" which I happened to have and she thought that was cool.  Although she didn't like the number 3.  She thought it should have been 11 because that's her soon-to-be age.  I guess she doesn't understand Scrabble.  Or, maybe for the Star Wars fans out there, I should have added a P.O. after the 3.  C3PO - hahahah..... ok, I admit, it wasn't that funny.

So, do you want to make your own?  You don't have to use them as photo props, you could use them as wall decor or put a single letter on display on a shelf or something.  There are lots of options.  

Let's start.

Step 1:  Start at your computer.  Determine what size you want your letter to be and lay it out in some sort of computer program.  I use Corel Draw and I placed my letters on a 12 x 12 page so I could visually see it laid out just like it would be on the board.  After you get it how you want.  Print it out.  

Step 2:  Get your boards ready.  I bought mine at Michaels for around $3.50 each.  My boards were all prepped and ready to go so I didn't have to do anything.  However, if you are cutting your own boards, be sure to sand them as needed before you move on to the other steps.

Step 3:  Take your printed out letter and lay it on your board.  This is just a visual step.  Make sure you like the sizing, if not, go back to step 1 and change your sizing as needed. 

Step 4:  Next, tear off a piece of freezer paper about the size of your printed out paper - make sure it's at least the size of the outer edge of your printed paper and not just the size of the printed design.  

Step 5:  Turn your printed design over and using a glue stick, add glue to just the back of the printed letter and number (you don't need to glue all over the whole paper).  Then, adhere your printed design to the paper side of your freezer paper.  Smooth out and make sure there are no wrinkles or ripples.

Step 6:  Next, using an X-acto knife and a cutting mat, carefully cut out your letter and your number.  Once those pieces are cut out, you can discard them.  You won't need them.

Here it is with both the letter and the number cut out.  Remember, if you are using a letter or design that has a center, like the 8, hang on to the center pieces, you'll need them.

Step 7:  Center your cut out design on your board.  The shiny side should be face down and in contact with the wood.  Then, using a warm iron, carefully iron your freezer paper onto the board. The heat will make the paper adhere to the wood.

Step 8:  After you've ironed it, and it's adhered in place, let it cool.  Then carefully paint your stencil.

Step 9:  Once you've completed the painting step, let it sit for just a few minutes and then carefully peel away the freezer paper. And, there you have it - you have a custom made giant scrabble tile.

And you should rejoice!


clara said...

HI Amy, been a while since I have caught up on your fabulous blog. :) Love this idea...even if it were not scrabble letters the family picture idea with people holding the letters of the last name is brilliant and I really want to do that now! I mean NOW!!! :)

Linda L. said...

That picture of your daughter is glorious - that's what freedom looks like!

De said...

Love this...thanks. I have a Scrabble fan friend. I can now do something for her that she would like and not expect. Blessings.