Aug 14, 2012

Teddy Bear Cast

Last year I posted about making an arm cast for a doll.  Do you remember?  (It's ok if you don't.  I'll explain it and link the post a little later on in this post.)  If you remember a little girl my daughter babysits broke her arm.  We came up with the idea to get the girl a little doll and make a removable toy cast for the doll.  It turned out to be a hit.  I posted about it and explained how to do it but never did a full tutorial with complete step-by-step instructions.  

Sadly, we've had to use this idea again.  This time a little boy that we adore broke his femur - OUCH!  Poor guy.  He's only two and has to be in a cast for 6 weeks.  So, we went to work.  This time though, I was smart and kept the camera near by.  That way, if you ever find yourself needing a cast for a doll or teddy bear you'll have access to a tutorial too.

Step 1: Go buy a Teddy Bear.  We bought this one....

It should be noted that we had major issues deciding which bear to buy.  I picked out one and Miss M picked out one.  We both over-analyzed and plead our case as to why the one we picked out was better for our little friend.  Finally, after about 10 minutes, we interrupted a store clerk and asked her which one she liked better.  She sided with Miss M.  Ugh!  Mine was cute, and while I don't like to admit it, Miss M was right too - this bear pretty adorable.

Step 2:  Bring the bear home and collect your other supplies.  You will need the following:

- hot glue gun
- white felt
- grosgrain ribbon (it needs to be grosgrain)
- scissors
- velcro

Step 3:  Take your felt piece and wrap it around the leg to see how big of a piece you need.  Then cut the felt down to size. 

After it's cut, re-measure making sure it's the right size.  It should look like the photo above. 

Step 4:  Next, take the felt off the bear and lay it out flat.  Cut your ribbon into strips that are slightly longer than the felt piece.  The ribbon pieces should hang over the edges by about an inch.

Step 5:  Take your ribbon pieces and fold the ends over and glue them in place to the back of the ribbon. (see above photo)  This will help to keep your ribbon from fraying.  Also, be sure that after you fold over and glue one end, that you lay the ribbon down and re-measure it to your felt.  When both ends are folded over and glued, your ribbon length should be the same as the length of your felt.

Step 6:  Once the ends of the ribbon have been folded over, run a strip of hot glue all the way down the back of the ribbon.  Then adhere the ribbon strip the felt.  Repeat the process and slightly overlap the ribbon strips.  

Note:  To make it look like a real cast, be sure to leave a little of the white felt showing on both the top and the bottom.

Here is it with three strips of ribbon glued down. 

And here it is with all of the ribbon strips in place.  Noticed the white at the top and the bottom.   

Step 7:  Next, it's time to add the Velcro.  Turn the felt piece over so the ribbon is on the back and you are looking at the white.  Then cut a piece of velcro that is same length (or close to it) as the end of your felt piece.  (the photo shows two pieces but it's just one piece that has been separated, hook and loop)

Step 8:  Secure one piece of velcro to end of your felt like shown. (sorry, I know the white on white doesn't show all that great)

Step 9:  Position your cast on the bear and measure where you need to place the other piece of velcro.  Make sure it has a snug fit so the cast won't fall off.

Step 10:  Once you've measured it, attach the last piece of velcro and then close up the cast.

And that, my friends, is how you make a cast for a Teddy Bear.  I know, I know, you will all sleep better tonight knowing this information.

Seriously, it's pretty cute.  Right?!  And, if it can help a little boy out, maybe give him something to snuggle, something that can relate to his situation, well, then my job is done.

So, here are the two cast together.  The teddy bear cast I made today and the doll arm cast from last year.  The process to make the arm cast is pretty much the same.  The major difference is just cutting it to make it look like it has a hole for the thumb.  You can see that post here:  Then She Made...Doll Cast