Aug 10, 2012

Nativity Show and Tell

If you are new to Then She Made... you may not know about our year long, 12 piece Nativity set we are making.  Once a month I post a new tutorial for one piece of the set.  It all started because last year, all year long, my family anonymously delivered one piece of a Nativity set to a few different families we knew.  Each piece was made out of clay and at the end of the year each family had a full, 12 piece Nativity set.  It was completed just in time for the Christmas season.  You can read more about here:  The Nativity Experience and also a Q & A about the project here:  Nativity Experience Q & A.  Plus, you can go back and find all the individual tutorials on the tutorial page.  They are listed under the Christmas section.

Anyway, my point in today's post.  I know several of you are following along and doing these tutorials.  So far we've completed, 3 Wise men,  2 Shepherd, and 2 Sheep.  Before we move on to the Camel, which is coming next, I thought it would be cool to share with you a few pictures that have been sent to me from readers who are making their own sets.

Wise Man - By JoAnn C

Wise Men and Sheep - by Kristi M

25 Wise Men - Tracy K

I know more people are doing the sets but these three lovely ladies sent in photos.  (thank you!)  And, here's a cool idea.  Tracy K is making her's 1/2 size.  All her little guys are smaller and she is making 25 sets - wow, right?!  I was pretty impressed with that.  

Anyway, if you are joining in on the fun, I'd love to see your creations or hear about how it's going for you.  You can email me at: thenshemade (at)