Aug 30, 2012

Braided Bracelet Tutorial

So, this cute girl, who we all call Bug

Wanted to say

I'm hoping you remember that a few weeks back we had a little family craft fair.  Do you remember?  My girls were trying to earn a little bit of money to go towards school shopping.  They did ok and each of them worked hard enough, and sold just enough of their products to buy something special.  Something special actually really translates to mean, something I wouldn't buy them.   Darn it!  They have a practical mom.  So, it was really great for them to put in the effort and work towards a goal.

Thank you so much for supporting them!  

So, Bug, she sold enough braided bracelets and headbands to buy the boots she's wearing in the photos above.  And, she is very happy! 

To say thanks, we'd like to share a tutorial on how to make the bracelets ... now, if you aren't the hands-on type, I'm sure she'd love to make one for you and she still has several in my Etsy shop.  Just sayin'!

But, if you are the hands-on type, or you have kids that need a project, here's what you do...

Step 1:  You need to get some cotton braiding cord.  You can find it at most craft stores.  You can buy something similar at Walmart but it's not as good of quality.

Step 2:  Cut off three piece of cord and make a braid.  The specific length of the braid isn't as important as just making sure it will fit your wrist.  Ours were about 5 to 6 inches long.  You also need two metal crimp ends that have loops on them.

Step 3:  After you get your braid done, attach your metal crimp ends to the bottom and top of the braid.  You'll need some sort of pliers for this step and you want to make sure they are attached securely.

Step 4:  Once you get one braid done and the ends crimped, repeat the steps and make two more braids

Step 5:  Next, you need to attach the chain that will make the bracelet adjustable.  You don't have to, you could just attach your findings and a lobster clasp and call it done.  However, it's nice to have it adjustable so it will fit various wrist sizes as well as you can adjust the tightness.  On the end of each chain attach a jump ring.  Then thread each braid to the jump ring.

When you are done, it will look like this!
Super cute!

I love how they are pretty versatile and you can make them in multiple colors.  

You can also personalize them a bit too.

You all know how I feel about cancer so we personalized this one a bit by attaching a ribbon charm with the word "hope" on it. 

So, there you have it.  Thank you again for all your support!  All three girls had fun doing our little family fair and even though they didn't sell it all, they each sold some and it was great to see them motivated to work towards a goal.  It was a goal they wouldn't have reached without you, so again, THANK YOU!

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