May 12, 2012

Easy Chicken Recipe

I'm not sure how it works at your house but at mine I have just a few meals that I make that everyone in my home will eat.  There's about 5 of them total.  I keep hoping that taste buds will mature so we can have more options but until then I fall back to the meals that everyone loves quite often.

I made one them the other night.  It's so easy, requires two ingredients, and is always a hit.  I'm all about easy recipes and if you are too, you might like this one.

You need this:  Lawry's Sweet Basil, Citrus & Garlic Rub

I picked it up at Sam's club for pretty cheap.  I think it was $7.50 - seems like a lot but you don't use much and it lasts a really long time.  We've probably had this meal 7 or 8 times since I bought it new and there is still a ton in the jar, so you can see it's a good value.

You also need some chicken breasts.  For our family of 5, I use about 3.  4 if we want leftovers.  

Step 1:  Cut up your un-cooked chicken into cubes or small pieces

Step 2:  Add chicken to pre-heated pan.  (You can add a small amount of oil if you want.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't and I really haven't noticed a difference)

Step 3:  Sprinkle some of the Lawry's Sweet Basil, Citrus & Garlic rub on the chicken.  Give it a good coat so you have some seasoning on all the pieces but be careful not to go over-board.  I speak from experience here as I did that once.  Ooops.

Step 4:  Cover pan with lid and cook on medium heat for about 5 minutes.  

Step 5:  After 5 minutes, remove lid, stir and sprinkle a little more seasoning IF needed.

Step 6:  Replace lid and continue cooking until chicken is done or no longer pink.  Be careful to not over-cook.

It should look something like the photo above when it is done.  Serve it with your favorite side dish and enjoy.  We usually serve it with a veggie.

And, just in case you are wondering, no this is not a sponsored post.  I just know that sometimes we all need a boost when it comes to meal planning and having a quick idea on hand can be a great thing!


P.S. I haven't tried this on the grill but I bet it would be amazing!