May 15, 2012

Deal of The Day!

Last week I helped some awesome young women from my church make necklaces for their moms.   We had planned on having 12+ girls but as it turned out only 3 showed.  So, since I had a ton of supplies left over I went a little overboard in playing around.  I made all these below and several more that aren't shown.

The problem though, I don't need 15+ blue pendant necklaces.  

I even made some of these - cute right?  If you are familiar with President Uchtdorf, you may recall his awesome talk about the Forget-Me-Not flower.  A lot of these pendants remind me of that talk, especially the one above.  In fact, I gave a few of my pendant necklaces away as gifts to some of my friends along with a quote from his talk.  It made a nice "thinking of you" gift. 

Anyway, my point....

I've posted all of these latest creations in my ETSY shop and I've posted them for a steal of deal.  Normally I price them at $16-$18 but I'd like to move these fast so they are only.....


Some of the designs are similar but no two are alike so there are lots of options.  I've even listed some  rectangle ones too.   They all come on a 20" silver chain and are packaged in a cute little gift box.  Please check them out and help me get them off of my kitchen table (my husband would be most thankful)