May 22, 2012

Mini Painted Bag & Bike Bag

We pulled out the bikes last night and went on our first family bike ride of the season.  I love riding my bike.  I'll admit I drag my feet about going because I like to be at home but once I'm on it, I remember why I love it so much.  One little hiccup I always have though, is where to put my keys and cell phone.  Do you have that problem too?  It's just not comfortable having them in my pocket while I ride.

In fact, bike riding aside, in the summer it seems I always have that problem.  I don't like carrying a big purse, especially in the summer.  They are too big.  Too bulky.  Too hot.   So, in the summer I always pair down and just carry the basics - wallet, keys, cell phone.  And, when I'm feeling fancy, lip gloss.  hahaha

So, today I happily solved my problem.

I did these little bags start to finish in about 30 minutes.  Probably less. 
Here's what I did...

You will need a small canvas zipper bag, paint, painters tape and a paint brush.  And, for additional optional steps you'll need stamps and a sewing machine.

** Please Note:  I didn't use fabric paint.  I just used regular craft paint, however, if you plan to wash these, fabric paint would be a better choice.

I picked up my bag at Hobby Lobby for about $3.  You can get them for even cheaper if you print out a 40% off coupon.  Bargain!!!  They come in two different sizes, I went for the smaller size.

Step 1:  Take strips of painters tape and tape them evenly on the front of the bag.

Step 2:  Wrap the excess tape around the sides and onto the back.
Step 3:  Then, take more tape and connect the end pieces so you have completed lines on the back, like shown above.

Step 4: Next, take a DRY paint brush - it needs to be dry, don't get it wet first - and paint in between the taped lines.  Be careful not to push the paint under the tape.

Step 5:  When the paint dries, or is mostly dry, carefully remove the tape.  

You can pretty much do any design you want.  I liked the simplicity of the stripes but I also did a checker board pattern as well.  My daughter wants to do a chevron design on hers, so really, anything goes.

FYI:  You can also use stamps on these too - I just painted a stamp with green paint to get the image on the bag above.  

Technically you could stop there and be done.  You'd have a small little bag to hold just the basics.  However, if you plan to use it on a bike you'll want to keep reading.

To turn it into something I could hook onto my bike I simply added a canvas strip and a strong holding magnet clasp.  Here's how...

Step 6:  Take fabric, ribbon, or anything you think will work, and make a strip.  I doubled over a piece of canvas-like ribbon for mine.  Then, I centered it on the bag and sewed it in place just above the zipper.

Step 7:  Next, turn the bag over and attach your magnets in place.  The best way to do this is to follow the directions on the package.  I put my top one so that the back part, the part with the prongs, is sandwiched between the two layers of canvas ribbon.  Then I sewed the end of the ribbon closed.  For the bottom magnet, I folded the prongs into the inside of the bag.  

From the picture above you can see that when the magnet is closed up, the strip of fabric/ribbon makes a little loop like shown above. This loop and magnet is what will  hold your bag to your bike

Step 8:  Now the only thing to do is attach it to your bike, fill it with your treasures, and head off for a ride.

FYI:  The little green bike on the strap is actually a little stamp I painted and used - so cute.  I'm kind of in love with that little stamp.

Anyway, Enjoy!


Suzanne said...

What a great project...thank you for sharing it! I think I'll add a trip to Hobby Lobby on my to-do list for Memorial Day (and I have the 40% off coupon on my phone)

Anonymous said...

So cute with the stamping! Now I know that I can use regular hobby-paint. Great tut, thanks so much!
You´re welcome to check out my blog. It´s not big but I´m working on it!