May 31, 2012

Compliments to the Creative Crafter: Bracelets by Lil Blue Boo

A couple of days ago I posted the Father's Day candy bar holders that look like a shirt and tie. Do you remember it?  If you missed that post I explained that I very rarely post things I make that are inspired by others.  However, I had found two really great things that just had to be shared.  The first was the father's day candy bar holders that were originally on a blog called Bits of Evertyhing.

And the second? Well, here it is....

My compliments to the creative crafter on this project go to Ashley from Lil Blue Boo.

Lil Blue Boo completely rocked my world when she showed us all how to make these...

You think I'm joking but these bracelets make me giddy.  GIDDY!!!  And, I haven't even mentioned all the compliments I get when I wear them - oh yeah, they are amazing compliments.  Makes a girl feel special.

Miss M finally agreed to be my model - aren't they just the coolest thing ever?

Here's the thing though, Ashley's tutorial is amazing and you'll have to go over to Lil Blue Boo to get all the details.  But, after I made one her way, I did have to tweak the steps to make it easier.  You know me, I'm all about easy.  So, here's the steps I changed, it may or may not help you but I found it simplified the process for me.

Ashley's tutorial has you folding over the ends of the leather and the floss and tying them securely before you start the wrapping process.  (If this doesn't make sense to you, it will when you read her tut.)  I couldn't get mine tied tight enough and it kept falling apart which was really frustrating.  To simplify, and solve the problem, I just grabbed a crimp bead.  The one I used has a channel down the middle and a circle loop on top.  See it centered in the photo above?  

Instead of tying my ends off, I crimped them.  Here's how:  Place the leather and the floss in the center of the channel.  Then, using needle nose pliers, carefully & tightly fold one edge over.

Then repeat with the second edge.  Make sure to flatten those metal arms/edges down tightly so that it holds your floss and leather in place.

When you are done crimping it closed you'll have something that looks like the photo above.  Then, using sharp scissors just cut off the excess leather and floss. (You need two crimp beads per bracelet.  One when you start it, prior to wrapping, and one when you finish wrapping the bracelet.  My photos show the finished bracelet)

When the extra materials are removed your metal loop will be exposed and you are ready to add on other jump rings and closure clasps.

And then you just have to make a ton of them because they are so awesome!

Ashley from Lil Blue Boo thank you, thank you, thank you for making and sharing such an awesome project!  And, if you aren't familiar with Lil Blue Boo, make sure you spend some time over there - she's pretty darn amazing!

And with that, I'm off to make some more bracelets!