Apr 3, 2012

Making Progress!

There's a lot to catch up on.  I've been busy and want to share but have limited my posts to my Easter projects lately, however, here's a little progress report of sorts.

1 - Remember my Goodbye, My Love post? I'm happy to report that it's almost been two full weeks and I am soda/Coke free.  It honestly has not been as hard as I was thinking it would be.  Day 5 was the hardest.  I really craved a coke that day but I just kept gulping down water and the cravings eventually stopped.  I haven't magically lost 50 lbs but I am noticing some differences.  I have more energy, my skin looks more alive - does that make sense?  And, while there is only minor changes on the weight, my clothes fit better and I don't feel so bloated.  Ok, gotta stop there - bloated?  I think that is one of those words that should be banned from my blog.  Possibly from my vocabulary.  What a great word - just what you want to read about.  Seriously though, the change has been positive and again, I thank all of you who left positive comments and sent uplifting emails.  You've helped me!  Thank you!

2 - I sewed curtains out of sheets.  Is that resourceful or cheap?  They have flowers on them and are, quite possibly, at first glance too flowery for me.  But they are orange, and blue, and green, and yellow and I kind of like them.  Ok, I really like them.  I've been on the search for fabric/curtains for almost two years so it feels good to finally find something I like, with all the colors I wanted.  We also made a valance that ties in the wood choices in our home by just staining a piece of wood and putting it up with L-brackets.  It's hard to see in the photo but looks great in real life and was so easy.

Side note:  I realized while making these curtains that I'm just not a store-bought gal.  I was looking at the items in our home and I tweak EVERYTHING.  The art is custom, the framing is hand done, the Ikea boxes are painted, the pillows are hand sewn and some are from placemats.  The curtains are from sheets.  Am I the only one out there like this?  I guess it's good.  My home is me however sometimes it would be nice to be able to walk into a store and just buy something I love, as is, no tweaking necessary, you know?!

3 -  I'm so totally in LOVE with the item in this box.  I'm currently tweaking things (there I go again) to find it a home but when it arrived, I literally squealed in pure happiness and delight.  Can't wait to show you but it deserves a post all to itself.  And, actually, wow, it goes against what I just wrote in my side note above, it's store bought and I love it as it is.  It's quirky and very me.

4 - I've been missing Camden, Maine.  I lived there for four years and have been thinking about the Bagel Cafe.  It's a great little place that only served breakfast and lunch and had the best bagels.  The mister and I used to walk down there sometimes for a breakfast bagel.  My favorite was an Olive Cream Cheese bagel and sadly, I haven't been able to find one in Fort Collins.  So, I made my own.  I'll share the recipe I created, if you like green olives, you might like it.  And, check out that tall glass of water - yum!

5 - I'm working on, and am almost done with a canvas art project using my family silhouette photos.

6 - I filled and shipped off some blog and Etsy orders last week and am working on more this week. I love making jewelry so I'm having fun with these orders.  With Mother's Day coming up, I'll be offering a special pendant just for moms and am working on the design.  More to come on that.

So, that's what's been going on around here.  I also made two skirts for my twins' school music program and am getting ready for a visit from my sister this weekend.  It's a busy time but it's good to be busy.  So, what fun things have you been up to?


Anonymous said...

I was wondering how giving up coke
was going for you, you have inspired me to cut back on the Diet Coke..Honestly..I think that giving up smoking was easier that giving up the soda, but I gave up smoking with 5 little one running around.
Keep up the battle cuz I am rooting for you!
Huntington Beach CA

Eva said...

WOW! You are a busy person but it sounds like it's all fun. Congrats on your achievement

sara said...

ohmygosh! i guess i didn't realize you were in fort collins! i haven't been reading your blog for very long - maybe 2 months? but just realized that you're a town over from me! what the heck?! how rad is that???

i'm a native so currently racking my brain to find you a good bagel joint nearby to help a sister out. ;)

Amy said...

@sara - Hello neighbor! So, are you in Loveland then? I would forever be in your debt if you can think of a great bagel place. I've tried a few places but so far nothing I'm in love with. I'll keep looking. In the meantime though, thanks for letting me know you are so close. I just assume all my readers are far away so it's kind of nice to know there's at least one here in CO! :)

Susan F. said...

I'm a Mainer. My husband's family loves cream cheese and olives in sandwiches and on celery sticks. I like using sheets for curtains. They are excellent for a machine wash material.

Deneen said...

Good for you sticking with giving up the coke. Glad it is easier than you thought. Love the curtains! I have used sheets as curtains also. I even have used napkins and tablecloths as valances and curtains. Always gotta think outside the box.

Elizabeth said...

I love reading your posts :) Those orange necklaces are breathtaking! Gotta love blue orange and green curtains as well ;)