Apr 30, 2012

Winner, Winner & New Items

Elizabeth over at Broken Treasures just posted the lucky winner from the guest post and tutorial I did for her last week.

Congrats to ...

Kelly from Delco Deal Diva

Kelly won this necklace and also a fun CTMH stamp set from Elizabeth.

If you didn't win, but loved this necklace, it is now available for purchase in my Etsy shop.  It would make a great Mother's day gift, just sayin'!

Plus, I've listed a few new items on Etsy so be sure to pop on over there and check them out.  Here's a little peak.  If you place your order before Thursday, they should, depending on your location, arrive in time for Mother's day.

Also, if you see a design you like but would prefer it in a different color, let me know.  I'd be happy to make it for you.  

Apr 28, 2012

Separation Update & a Recipe

I hit a major milestone a few days ago and I didn't even talk about!  I'm still kind of in shock that I'm holding up so well due to my long separation from one love.  Remember my love?  If you don't, here's the post to catch you up to speed.  Goodbye My Love!

I separated from love on March 22, it's now April 28.  It's been just over one month.  That's a loooong time. I was fully expecting a painful separation.  So, how am I doing?

Pretty dang good if I do say so myself.  I've been pleasantly surprised.  Here's a few things I've discovered over the past month?

1 - I've found that I don't crave it anymore except in times of stress.  I got hit with majorly bad news this week about my dad's health and my first comment (after I stopped bawling) was, I just want a Coke.  I find it interesting that this is the case.  I realized that soda, Coke specifically, really was a comfort thing for me.  Somehow I need to trigger my brain into thinking spinach is the new Coke.  That would be a good thing, right?!

2- I've learned that my actions can encourage other people too - ok, don't roll your eyes at me, I know that sounds stupid or like a no-brainer.  But, after three weeks of going without soda and noticing some differences, it means a lot when your 14 year old daughter turns to you and says, "I've been thinking and I've decided I'm not going to drink soda anymore either."  Or when you are shopping with your 10 years olds and one of them sees soda and tries to hug it (yes, she's dramatic!) and the other one says "we haven't had it for so long it would probably taste gross."  Those are comments to be treasured.  They are realizing that their life can go on without it too - YEAH!!! Ya know, as a mom I always worry about my example, I try to watch what I say, I don't swear, I try not to pass judgments of others in front of my kids, I try to keep a safe environment in my home but I never realized that loving soda so much was encouraging my kids to do the same.  I know, Duh! Why is it that sometimes the simplest things complete escape us?

3- I've found that if I drink something, like lemonade out of a cup with a lid and a straw it increases my desire for a soda.  We had lemonade at the movie one day and I've decided I can't do that anymore.  It still has a lot of sugar and the similarities are too close and I noticed the desire for soda slightly returning.

4- The most important thing I've discovered is that .... I CAN DO THIS.  Which means I can probably do a lot of other things that I've been putting off too like, exercise.

And, just for fun I thought I'd share a drink recipe I enjoy. Now, no bashing please,  I don't drink this very often, but once in awhile when I want something more flavorful than water I will mix this up.  Yes, I'm aware juices aren't always great for you.  It's not calorie free and it does have sugars in it, but every once in awhile it is just enough of a treat.

You will need Orange Juice and Cran-Raspberry juice.  Plus, a glass of ice is a must to make this complete.

1- Fill half of glass with Orange Juice.
2 -  Then fill the remained with Cran-Raspberry juice.  
3- Mix and enjoy!

It is really yummy!

Apr 27, 2012

Budget Friendly Custom Art

Sometimes I think I'm a cheap skate.  I'm just not one to plunk down a bunch of money for something I can do myself.  Know what I mean?  Maybe that's not being cheap maybe that's being smart.

Ya!  Let's go with smart!

Here's a good example.  I wanted some large custom canvas prints for my wall and I wanted to use my own photos.  These photos:

Yes, they are quirky which just happens to so fit our family.  This is what happens when a couple of photography lovers take their kids to the park and then get board watching the kids play on the swings.   Creativity + sunset = crazy photos that I love. If your an Echo and The Bunnyman fan you may recognize the inspiration for the photo on the bottom right.

Anyway, I went on a search trying to find a company to order from.  Ummmm, HELLO!!!  To get a 16x20 print on canvas it's upwards of $75+ and that's just for one.  I wanted five of them.  Ouch!

After having a little private pity party I moved on from feeling defeated and did some research.  I found out that Sam's club does 1 hour poster prints.  Did you know that?  That is awesome in and of itself, however, what makes this news even better - they are only $5.86 each.

So, I ordered 5 of them!

Next, armed with a 40% off coupon, I headed over to Hobby Lobby.  They sell a 2-pack of 16x20 canvases for $8.  That's pretty inexpensive but using the coupon, it's an even better deal.

A blank canvas is a beautiful site!

Then I dug out the old trusty spray adhesive.  I went to town spraying them down and adhering the poster prints to the canvases but, guess what?  It was an Epic fail!  The prints bubbled and wouldn't stick.  They just looked kind of crappy.  Have no fear though because...

when in doubt pull the Mod Podge out!

YES!!!  Success!  Mod Podge was just the ticket.  Now all my prints are adhered to 16 x 20 canvases and I couldn't be happier.

So, just to review.  I could have ordered them, waited 2 two weeks for delivery and paid $375 plus shipping.  Instead, It took about 2 hours, and that includes the print processing time, and only cost... $41.00.

Cheap? Maybe.  But I think I'll go with smart.  

And hey, before I go, just a reminder about the drawing going on over at Broken Treasures, it's for one of my custom made necklaces.  Plus, if you don't win, you can read up on the tutorial on how I made it and then make your own. The contest ends in on Sunday so be sure to pop on over there soon for a chance to win.

Apr 24, 2012

Tissue Wind Sock

Today I'm sharing the cutest craft that I've never made.  Yep, that's right, I didn't make this.  My 10 year old did and she did it without any help.  As a crafty mom, I'm kind of really, really proud of her.  Check it out....

oh, and first, this is great craft for kids OR adults.  Maybe it's a project that you can do together.  Think of it as mommy and me time.

On Sunday my little Bug came and asked if she could use some of my tissue paper.  My precious tissue paper.  It cost me a $1 for a huge multi color pack so I figured she could go crazy and I wouldn't be out much.  I didn't even ask her what it was for which is unusual for me.  You know, you gotta keep tabs on kids crafting or you just may end up with tissue paper walls or car seat covers.  Ok, maybe not to that extreme but we've had some pretty interesting craft creations in our house before so I'm usually cautious.

She took the tissue pack and quietly worked away.  Occasionally I'd hear, where's the glue? or I can't find the string!  But other than that, she was totally on her own.  So, here's what she did.

Step 1:  She took two sheets of purple tissue paper and cut out two long ovals.  Then she cut out three fins.

Step 2:  With a black sharpie marker she drew on some designs and an eye on one side of each side piece of tissue. 

Step 3:  Then she used white Elmer's glue and glued the fins to one of the ovals. and then glued the top, only the top, of the two pieces together.  Think of it as gluing it from the top of the mouth all along the edge to the top of the tail.

Step 4:  Next she took a piece of white cardstock and cut it into a long strip and turned it into a circle. She then glued the circle to the tissue paper in place where the mouth goes.  I'm not sure if you can tell for the picture or not but think of it as a fish with it's mouth open.  

Step 5:  Next she cut 6 long strips of yellow tissue and then glued three strips to each side of the opening where the tail goes.

Step 6:  Next she glued the bottom part of it together. So, from the bottom of the mouth all along the bottom edge to the bottom of where the tail goes.  Does that make sense?  You need to keep the mouth open and the tail part open.  The wind needs to be able to go in and out of the windsock.

Cute, right?!

Bug's twin sister thought it was cute too so she made one in blue and pink.

Step 7:  Poke a hole on each side of the mouth.  Make sure it pokes through the cardstock.  Then thread a string through the holes and then hang up your windsock outside.  We hung hers on our porch.

Step 8:  Wait for the wind to blow and smile at how fun it is to watch it dance in the wind.

Note:  I was really doubtful that tissue paper was the right thing for a windsock.  It seems like it would rip easy in the wind.  However, we've had some windy days and so far so good.  With the opening in the mouth and the tail, the wind fills it up but then passes through so there is very little pressure on the tissue paper.  It's holding up just fine.

So there you have it a fun little craft brought to you by a cute little 10 year old.  

Apr 21, 2012

Guest Post & Giveaway

Hey All! I was invited to hang out over at Broken Treasures today.  I'm sharing another necklace tutorial and I'm even giving one of them away. If you want to check it out and enter to win, head on over there for all the details.

This necklace could be a great one for Mom - you know, for Mother's day!  Just sayin'!

And, thanks to Elizabeth for hosting me today!

Apr 20, 2012

Nativity Tutorial - Lamb

This month's nativity piece is quite possibly one of my favorites.  I just think it's super cute.  So, without further ado, here's what we are making this month...

What do "ewe" think?  I know, I'm so funny.  

Apr 19, 2012

Then She Made... a great big mess!

I posted a comment on a friend's facebook page this week and said that statement about chaos and order, you know:  "out of chaos comes order."  Well, it was sage advice for her but in reality is was just a reminder for myself.  Some where, and at some point in time, order will come out of this emotionally chaotic week.

If there ever was a picture that could speak volumes about my life this week, this would be it.  It's not pretty.

And, note to self, I should learn to never say in my blog posts, "check in all next week" or "stay tuned" or "coming up" because every time I do, life happens and my big plans always get scattered.

Such is life.

So, what has been happening all week?  Do you really want to know?  Let me explain it with a little eye spy game of the picture above.

In the photo above I spy:
- Jewelry making supplies:  See them behind the green chair. I've been working on a fun mother's day tutorial for a guest post that will be happening soon over at Broken Treasures.  Elizabeth is kind of pretty awesome and has been very patient with me this week.

- Clay:  It's in the box on the floor and some already made pieces are drying on toothpicks on top of the table.  Those are for gifts and Etsy orders that needed to filled this week.  BTW, Thank you for ordering my jewelry.

- Flowers:  Actually they don't look like flowers in this photo but they are, or will be flowers if I get around to finishing them.  I started them last week and then lost all my creative juices on Monday.  I still believe they will turn into something cute to share but for now, they sit.  in a pile.  on my table. mixed in with the other mess.  I need my creativity to bloom again, pun intended.

- Church stuff:  I was given a new calling at church and it is represented in the pink bag on the floor.  I'm the secretary for the women's organization at my church.  I'm learning a lot in this new form of service, especially that personal revelation really does happen and that our Heavenly Father loves us, all of us. Women have a great power that is divine and I'm grateful I get to learn how to cultivate and share that a little more.

- Nativity Club:  It's barely visible but this month's piece is on the silver tray.  I'm sorry that I'm not very consistent with this club.  I'm trying to stay on top of it but it does take dedication and sometimes I'm more dedicated than others.

- A Pay Stub:  It's been a week of craziness where the jobs are concerned.  I didn't talk about it before but at the beginning of the year I quit my job.  This week, my husband who works for the same company as I did, quit his job.  It was time for him but change is always hard and even though his new opportunity is a welcome one, it's hard to let go of what is comfortable.  We've had lots of discussions and decisions this week all of which bring us closer together and for that I'm grateful.

- A Computer:  The computer sucks me in.  It's a blessing and a curse.  Ever feel that way?  This week it's mostly been a blessing that has allowed me to help others and connect with family in a time of heavy concern.  The computer reminds me that all though I'm a few hundred miles from family, with technology, I'm really just a click away.  I received bad news concerning my dad's health this week.  He'll get mad at me for saying anything on this forum so I won't say much, other than it's scary and I've worried a lot.  Tears have been shed.  All the chaos on my table actually is a direct result of what is happening with him.  I'm having a hard time focusing and finishing things.  My heart is heavy and my mind is full.

- Finger Nail Polish and Remover:  This is the one thing on the table that was actually not put there by me. This is a reminder that first and foremost, I have three beautiful daughters that are putting trust in me to be their mom.  I'm their mom first.  Craft piles can wait and blog posts can be delayed.  But hugs, kisses and time spent together can't.  I'm good at crafting but I'm better at being a mom, I just forget that sometimes.

Anyway, so these are the things have kept me occupied this week.  And, despite the fact that I said I should never say it, the Nativity tutorial is ready to go and so is my guest post.  You'll get two posts tomorrow just because I need to get them up and off my to-do list.  So,....umm.... check back tomorrow!


Apr 14, 2012

A New Love! Camera Necklace

I had a fun Etsy order last week. She ordered a few of my listed pieces and then also did a custom order.

This is what I made for her - I'll tell you what, I had a really hard time shipping it off because, well, I am in LOVE.  (Thanks JP for your order)

Also, while I'm talking jewelry, I thought I'd answer a question that I get a lot about my word pendants.  The question is about the size.  You can make them any size you want but mine are usually just barely bigger than a quarter.

Here's a quick visual that might help.

And, while I was making jewelry last week, I made this.  It's one of the few items I've made using store bought items and not out of clay, but it's quirky and I'm quite fond of it.

My lovely Miss M agreed to model it because, well, the rock just had no personality.  It looks cute on doesn't it?!

And just a little news, check in all next week.  I'll be showing some fun ideas and tutorials for Mother's day.  I'm starting early this year.  Plus, #4 in our Nativity tutorial is coming up too .... it's one of my favorite pieces in the whole set so I can't wait to share it with you.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.

P.S. - If you like any of these jewelry items, you can order them on Etsy!

Apr 11, 2012

Missing Maine: Green Olive Cream Cheese

I mentioned last week that I've been missing Maine and missing getting a green olive cream cheese bagel from a local bagel shop.  I realize that only about a 1/3 of my readers will stick with me on this post - green olives are certainly an acquired taste.  I'm the only one in my family that likes them.  Everyone else pretends to die at the idea of me eating them.  Whatever!  So, if you like green olives, or know someone who does, keep reading.  Other wise, it's okay, I'll catch up with you later.

So, Maine!  I love Maine!  I called that state my home for 10 years and even though I knew in my heart that it was time to move to Colorado, it was hard to leave.  My favorite little town, and the last placed we lived in Maine, is called Camden.  It was there that I fell hard for green olive cream cheese bagels.

So, why did a Utah girl end up in Maine?  Well, in 1997 my husband and I stood on the corner of Elm Street, in Camden, by the city green.  I was holding my then 3 month old daughter and we both had a rush of emotion hit us.  We were just on vacation but there was a sense of clarity in that moment and we knew we were supposed to live in that town. It was home!  I'm pretty sure our family thought we were just drawn to Maine because of it's New England charm and one brother claimed it was the farthest away we could get from family, but, I've had those impressions before and I knew - I knew - it was something more.

It took us another visit a year later and then another two years to pull things together but we did it.  We moved.  Our family didn't understand.  My parents thought we were insane.  Moving 3,000 miles away from family and friends "just because" was unthinkable to them.  But we knew it was right.  And, years later, even my dad admitted it was a good move for us.

We didn't end up in Camden until 2006.  We'd visit every chance we got but moving there didn't happen right away.  When it did though, it was right and we were lucky enough to have this be our regular view on evening walks.

Beautiful!  They'd shoot fireworks out over the harbor in the summer and I swear, it was the most patriotic thing you could ever see.  I felt very American living in small town USA.  Here's a little map of Camden.

We lived at "A".  The Bagel Cafe was at "B".  It was so close.  The Village and harbor are at "C".  I felt so spoiled that I lived in a Norman Rockwell like town were I could walk everywhere.  It would take about 5 minutes to walk to the harbor, village shops, and the library.  If you ever get to go to Maine, go visit Camden.  It's a busy tourist town in the summer but the beauties are worth the trip.  Oh, and see "D" - I miss that place the most.  Laite Beach.  It's not a beautiful beach as in sandy and warm.  It's slightly rocky, and not very big, but it was my place.  Very few tourist knew about it so it was a place to go and sit and think and most of all search for sea glass.  I miss searching for sea glass.  I miss Laite Beach.  I miss my walks to the village.  I miss the friends I left behind.

Ok, I'm starting to miss Maine even more.... let's move on.

I told you that I've been craving these bagels and that I haven't been able to find anything close to them in Fort Collins.  Because of that, I came up with my own recipe.  If you are interested, here it is....

You will need:
1 - 8oz package of cream cheese.  I opted for the less fat version but it's good with regular too
Plain bagels
Onion powder
*Garlic Salt
Green Olives
(*edited note:  My friend Mona, suggested Garlic Powder instead of Garlic Salt since the olives are already salt.  I'll try that next time)

Step 1:  Start by letting your cream cheese soften.  You want it soft enough that you can stir it easily.  Then, sprinkle on some Garlic Salt and some Onion Powder.  I didn't measure, I just sprinkled.  Start with less and then add more to taste as needed.

Step 2:  Next, take a handful of green olives and chop them up.  You'll want about a 1/2 of a cup, more or less.  I tend to go for more but 1/2 cup is a good amount.

Step 3:  Stir everything together.  Taste it and if it needs more garlic or onion, mix in a little more.

Step 4:  That's pretty much it.  I like to let the spread sit in the fridge for a little bit, maybe an hour before I eat it. The flavors tend to settle this way.  Then, when you are ready for a quick snack, toast a half of a bagel, spread on the yummy goodness and enjoy!  You can also put it on Ritz crackers for an appetizer too.

So, thanks for letting me reminisce and if you try the recipe, let me know what you think.

Apr 9, 2012

Sunglasses & Money

Check out these shades!  Personally, I would never wear them but when she has them on, I'm in love.  Yep, she looks cute but these sunglasses represent a great change that I'm witnessing with this girl.  It's one I'm very happy about.  It has to do with money and the hard lessons on teaching kids to budget.  Ugh!  Right?!  You may have been there, or are going through it with your own kids.  Here's my story and how we initiated change.

I'm not sure about you but teaching our kids how to wisely use money has been a big challenge.  My older daughter, now that she babysits and has her own cash flow, gets it.  She's been able to do amazing things with her hard earned cash.  She saves, she's patient, she thinks before she spends.  She gets it.  My twins, they are 10, and well, money and budgets just haven't been something they understand or was even interested in.

I think for them, having money was like holding a hot potato, they just want to get rid of it fast.  Do you have a kid like that?

As parents, we knew we had to work with them on this problem so last September we started giving our kids a small pay day every month.  We were so tired of them asking for things they didn't need in the store.  Asking might not be the best word - begging, is better.  We finally decided that we'd give them money once a month and they had to budget it.  If they wanted something they had to buy it themselves and if they blew all their money before the next pay day, well, they were out of luck.  There would be no borrowing or lending.  No debts to be repaid.  Harsh?  Maybe.

From September to the end of December, we had no rules on their spending.  We'll, except one, they had to pay tithing.  We pay a tithe to our church.  We'd also advise them on spending choices but ultimately the decision was theirs.  Without fail, all their money was spent almost as soon as they got it.  They'd make lofty statements, "I'm saving for ______".  But, being in a store, and the lure of having something right then, always over ruled their best intentions.

When the new year started, we had a family home evening on finances.  I personally think it's a good idea to get kids involved in family finances, to some extent of course.  So, I totaled up all the money we spent from September to December at our 4 most visited stores.  Sam's Club, Walmart, Target and of course, Hobby Lobby.  The numbers were quite shocking.  We talked about what we bought with that money.  Most of it was food, clothing, household needs and of course craft supplies.  Then, I asked them to tell me where they spent their money from the last 4 months and what they had to show for it.  My older daughter knew exactly but the twins, neither of them could answer.

Q: "Where did your money go?"
A:  "I don't know."

Q: "Can you go get me something you bought with it?"
A:  They couldn't remember

I knew where it went, cheap toys and candy.  Instant gratification isn't so gratifying when you look back and realize your error. This sent one of them into tears.  She cried and felt so bad that she'd wasted all her money.  It's hard to see your kid hurting but I knew it was a lesson that she needed to have.  Plus, we had a solution that would help her, and her sister, be great at keeping track of their spending and hopefully, help them to be wiser with their money too.

We then introduced them to a very simple ledger.  Basically it was my own created version of a check register. It was just a half sheet of paper with columns and rows where they could track their spending.  Keep a record of how much money they had on hand and it provided a place to list their purchases.  When I ask them, "hey what did you spend your money on?", they will now know.


We told them there were three rules they needed to follow:

1- they had to set aside 10% for tithing
2- they had to set aside a minimum of 10% for savings (they could do more if they wanted)
3- they had to save receipts and record everything they spent.

We showed them how the ledger worked and we hit the new year running with a great goal to help them be better with their money.

I will admit I was expecting immediate results.  I naively thought this was just the ticket that would help them give up their need to buy junk.  It wasn't, at least not right away.  You can see from the photo above that one of them recorded her purchases of a soft drinks and fake nails.  It was so hard for me to sit back and let her spend.  While the results weren't as quick as I had hoped, one of them caught on pretty quickly.  With in a month she was making better choices, she was choosing to put more into savings, spending less and when she did purchase something, it was usually something useful that would last a long time, like clothes - buying her own clothes is like saying she's growing up and is independent.  She loved that.  She also realized buying a sweater lasts a lot longer than a bag of candy.

So, moving on to the sunglasses.  Bug, she's a great kid but it took her longer for the light bulb to go off.  However, last week, it happened.  It was that magical moment as a parent that you see the results of your hard work in your kid's actions.  She wanted to go shopping.  Just to be honest here, I really dread shopping with my younger girls so I wasn't looking forward to it but I did take her.

Much to my surprise she actually shopped with purpose, had her ledger on hand, compared prices and even - get this - quality.  She compared the quality of different products.  I was floored.  I didn't have to give advice or try to sway her.  She wanted glasses, shopped for a good pair, compared everything from style to color to price.  She found this pair at Charlie Girl for $6.99.  She found another pair at Claire's that was similar for $12.99.  She determined the sunglasses at Charlie Girl were not only a better deal but also better quality.

It was Awesome!

After purchasing the sunglasses she also stopped shopping.  She still had money but she didn't want to spend it.  I about shouted a giant "Hallelujah!" right there in the store.  It clicked.  She hit that milestone in her maturity, one that we'd been hoping for since last September.  I'm sure she won't always be a sensible spender but it's a start.  Plus, she purchased something she loves, those sunglasses - they go every where with her.  I'm sure she will get a lot of use out of them.  Not bad for a $7 purchase!

And on a side note, just to keep things real.  Right when I was just about to pat myself on the back for my mad parenting skills, I was humbled.  Two days after showing wisdom with her money, she took a razor and shaved one of her eyebrows off - yaaaaa, it was a great moment in our house!

Apr 5, 2012

Then She Made goes Italian, kinda

I woke up this morning to a fun little surprise in my inbox.  Surprise might not be the right word as I knew this was coming, I just didn't know it would be today.

A few months ago I was contacted by Open Kitchen Magazine.

It is an Italian cooking magazine that is most beautifully designed.  They asked me to be a guest contributor and so of course I said yes.  They have featured the paper basket.  Here's a link, (I think this will take you right to my pages) and on the very back page, page 103, you'll find my mug shot and mini bio too.  It's all kind of exciting for me.

Open Kitchen Magazine - Pages 70-73

I haven't read the whole magazine yet but from first glance there are some great features that are worth checking out.  And, some delicious looking recipes too.  I will be revisiting the article on picnicing and may just have to try the recipe on Lemon Cake.  Yum!

You might be scared away by the Italian but have no fear, they've put a translate button on their website and easy-peasy, you can read it in English.

What a great way to start my day!  Thanks Open Kitchen for including me in this months magazine!

Apr 3, 2012

Making Progress!

There's a lot to catch up on.  I've been busy and want to share but have limited my posts to my Easter projects lately, however, here's a little progress report of sorts.

1 - Remember my Goodbye, My Love post? I'm happy to report that it's almost been two full weeks and I am soda/Coke free.  It honestly has not been as hard as I was thinking it would be.  Day 5 was the hardest.  I really craved a coke that day but I just kept gulping down water and the cravings eventually stopped.  I haven't magically lost 50 lbs but I am noticing some differences.  I have more energy, my skin looks more alive - does that make sense?  And, while there is only minor changes on the weight, my clothes fit better and I don't feel so bloated.  Ok, gotta stop there - bloated?  I think that is one of those words that should be banned from my blog.  Possibly from my vocabulary.  What a great word - just what you want to read about.  Seriously though, the change has been positive and again, I thank all of you who left positive comments and sent uplifting emails.  You've helped me!  Thank you!

2 - I sewed curtains out of sheets.  Is that resourceful or cheap?  They have flowers on them and are, quite possibly, at first glance too flowery for me.  But they are orange, and blue, and green, and yellow and I kind of like them.  Ok, I really like them.  I've been on the search for fabric/curtains for almost two years so it feels good to finally find something I like, with all the colors I wanted.  We also made a valance that ties in the wood choices in our home by just staining a piece of wood and putting it up with L-brackets.  It's hard to see in the photo but looks great in real life and was so easy.

Side note:  I realized while making these curtains that I'm just not a store-bought gal.  I was looking at the items in our home and I tweak EVERYTHING.  The art is custom, the framing is hand done, the Ikea boxes are painted, the pillows are hand sewn and some are from placemats.  The curtains are from sheets.  Am I the only one out there like this?  I guess it's good.  My home is me however sometimes it would be nice to be able to walk into a store and just buy something I love, as is, no tweaking necessary, you know?!

3 -  I'm so totally in LOVE with the item in this box.  I'm currently tweaking things (there I go again) to find it a home but when it arrived, I literally squealed in pure happiness and delight.  Can't wait to show you but it deserves a post all to itself.  And, actually, wow, it goes against what I just wrote in my side note above, it's store bought and I love it as it is.  It's quirky and very me.

4 - I've been missing Camden, Maine.  I lived there for four years and have been thinking about the Bagel Cafe.  It's a great little place that only served breakfast and lunch and had the best bagels.  The mister and I used to walk down there sometimes for a breakfast bagel.  My favorite was an Olive Cream Cheese bagel and sadly, I haven't been able to find one in Fort Collins.  So, I made my own.  I'll share the recipe I created, if you like green olives, you might like it.  And, check out that tall glass of water - yum!

5 - I'm working on, and am almost done with a canvas art project using my family silhouette photos.

6 - I filled and shipped off some blog and Etsy orders last week and am working on more this week. I love making jewelry so I'm having fun with these orders.  With Mother's Day coming up, I'll be offering a special pendant just for moms and am working on the design.  More to come on that.

So, that's what's been going on around here.  I also made two skirts for my twins' school music program and am getting ready for a visit from my sister this weekend.  It's a busy time but it's good to be busy.  So, what fun things have you been up to?

Apr 1, 2012

Easter Card

I was digging through my stash of crafty goodness and found some left-over heart mazes from Valentines day and knew just what to do with them.  Want to see what I came up with?

I made this, it's a fun little Easter card. If you want to make one for yourself here's the supplies you will need and a quick tutorial.

Supplies Needed:
1 - 8 x 11 piece of white cardstock
Heart Maze (purchased from Walmart - they came in a pack of 6)
pattern paper scraps (ears)
2 - small black buttons
Fine black marker or pen

Step 1:  Fold your paper in half like shown above. It should be folded long- wise

Step 2:  On the lower half of your paper, trace the heart maze.

Step 3:  Set maze aside and draw in some fur about in the middle of the paper like shown.

Step 4:  Carefully cut out the heart shape.  Then cut along the line you drew for the fur.  Continue cutting up the fold line so that when you are done you have something that looks like what is shown above.

Step 5:  Next, fold the paper back into card shape and carefully cut out bunny ears on the back part of your card.  See above photo.

Step 6:  Now, it's time to decorate your card.  Add some pattern paper for the inside of the ears.  Attach the maze for the nose and buttons for the eyes.  Then, using a fine tipped marker or pen, draw in some details.

Step 7:  Don't forget the inside.  Write in your message.  Mine says Some "Bunny" thinks you are a"maze"ing. - Happy Easter.

And that's it.  It's a pretty simple card that would look really cute attached to a plate of Easter goodies for neighbors or friends.