Feb 22, 2012

Young Women & CTR Themed Jewelry

Update:  If you are thinking about making these for a Girl's Camp craft, I've listed several tips and tricks in a new post.  Please go here for details:  Girl's Camp craft, word pendants

Do you ever have projects that just sit, and sit, and sit?  You start them and then some how, even though they are easy, you just don't get around to finishing them?  Yep!  That's what today's post is all about.  I started on these Arise word pendants the first week in January.  I got them all done, shaped, baked, painted, & glazed  but then just never did the final steps.  Today though, I'm making some killer progress.

My word pendant tutorial  continues to get a lot of hits.  It's a great little project that can be done by kids and thrown on a string or you can dress it up a bit for a more grown up version.  Plus, with all the rage about the whole "one little word" project that so many do every year, it's a fun way to use your "word".  I'm using my latest designs kind of in that sense.  My church has a great youth program, I love it.  I love that it gives my daughter a safe place to go, to learn, and to become.  She is sometimes completely unaware of all the divine potential that is in her and the programs help her so much to connect to that and to build a strong, Christ-focused life.  Every year our church comes out with a new theme that our youth, both girls and boys, focus on.  This year it's:

"Arise & Shine Forth that thy light may be a standard to the nations."

I love it!  I love that the light referred to is the light of Christ.  That light is in all of us and it's our choice to let it shine.  Anyway, hoping to keep the theme fresh on our minds, because I'm just a youth at heart, I made these:

I'm a huge orange fan so I like the orange with just a small hint of blue on the bead. 

The brown ones are cool too because you can mix the colors up a bit with the paint.  I'm still working on turning it into a necklace and earring set but that should be done soon.  I know lots of YW leaders who are looking for camp craft ideas.  These would be fun but keep in mind you have to have an oven to bake the clay.  Plus they are easy but time consuming.  You have to allow time to design, shape, cook, cool, paint, dry, glaze and then dry again before you can even start to put it on a necklace.  So, if you are thinking of making these at camp I'd suggest you make and cook all the pendants before hand.  Then let the girls paint them and turn them into necklaces.  It's more work for you but you'll have a better end result - just sayin'!

Also, here's an idea to incorporate the word pendants for a younger age.  "CTR" stands for choose the right and the kids that are in the age group from 3-12 at church are very familiar with those letters.

These pendants are a fun idea for Activity Day aged girls and well, I'm biased, but I think they are kind of cute.  And, with that, I'm off to eat lunch and make some more jewelry!

P.S. I have decided to sell my jewelry again, if you are interested in my designs and the details, see the Custom Jewelry tab above. I'm also willing to sell kits, pendant pre-made, that you can just string together with your kids. Email me if you want more info. Thanks!


Megan said...

I love them! What a great idea to make something for the mutual theme

MI Gal said...

These are so beautiful! I cannot wait to try and make them. I really like the brown set! thank you for sharing.

Kaity said...

I love the sun stamp! And the colors are wonderful, especially on the Arise pendants, I love that bright yellow!

Linda L. said...

If your camp is a week long, you could easily spread the making of the pendants over the week. This would allow the kids some time in between steps to decide on colours and words to use. It would also keep the daily craft time to a reasonable length so non-crafty kids don't get bored.
It could also be integrated into an overall theme by talking about the words one day and asking them to choose a word for the next day.
They would also be great for groups that meet weekly since you could do one part each meeting building up to the final product. Kids love to have something to look forward to between sessions and it would be an incentive for regular attendance.

Suzanne said...

I just helped my daughter with her Achievement Days girls this last week...passing on this great idea!

Jennifer said...

My Young Women girls LOVE that stamp. Could you tell us where to get one? (They ooed and awed over the pretty necklaces. They can't wait to make it for camp!)

andieclark said...

Those pendants are beautiful. They're simple but they're so catchy. You created them like you're one of the professional Long Island jewelers.

Fiverr Work said...

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