Feb 20, 2012

A Healthy Thank You

So, I don't know about you, but when ever I want to send a "thank you" I always bake a plate of cookies - always!  It's like it's second nature.  Snickerdoodles.  Chocolate Chip.  Peanut Butter.  I rotate between the three, make a batch, throw them on a plate and ta-da!  Done!  However, lately I've been more aware that not everyone likes cookies - WHAT????  I know, I was shocked too. But I do respect it and I even kind of understand it.  This has forced me to think about my "Thank You" gifts.

Last week we had a meeting that I was in charge of at my church.  We have these meetings usually once a month and they are just for the women's group, the Relief Society.  I have a great board of women who help me put these meetings together, decorate for them and even help with the presentations.  They are awesome women, I couldn't do my assignment (we call it a calling in our church) without them and they needed to be thanked - cookies weren't going to cut it though.  So, instead, I made these ....

Cheesy? - Yep!   Healthier than cookies? - Yep!

My husband rolled his eyes at me and said he "knew" I was going to do something like that.  It's ok though, the response from the women who received them was positive.  I got  a thumb's up from one lady and great big thank you from another so I'll call that success.  Plus, since I also attached a thank you note (not shown) it really was more about letting them know how much I appreciate them, because in the end, that's what it's really about - voicing an appreciation and letting them know their time, service, and talents are greatly appreciated!

Whether you make cookies or give fruit with silly sayings attached, I encourage you to remember to thank those that make a difference in your life!  I really don't think people hear those two magical words - "thank you" - enough.

"Thank you" for reading - now, go enjoy your holiday, it's is Presidents day after all!