Nov 19, 2011

Paper Trees

I recently did the decorations for a women's meeting at my church.  The purpose of the meeting was to welcome in the Christmas season and the program focused on the Savior.  It was wonderful night and I must say, I had a lot of fun doing the decorations.  A few of my friends have asked me how I made some center pieces so I thought it was easiest to show the steps here.

These trees are another one of those crafts that you've probably seen online in various places.  In fact, if you go into Hobby Lobby you can buy them pre-made in various sizes and patterns, however, making them is way more fun and easier on the pocket book.

There are a few different variations on how you can make these.  In fact, one of the best tutorials I've seen was by Cyndy at the Creativity Exchange.  She made some out of fabric and poster board.  I liked hers but I wanted something simpler, smaller, and quicker for the tables so I made mine without making a pattern and just used scrapbook papers.  I ended up making 51 trees, here's how I did mine ....
You will need:
Paper - you can do this with any size, 8.5x11 or 12x12. (I mostly used 12x12)
Hot Glue
Trimmings - ribbon, tassels, beads, etc...
Candlesticks (optional)

Step 1: Start at one corner of your paper and begin to roll. You want to keep the paper rolled really tight at the corner but it can be as lose, or as tight, as you want further down.

Step 2: Once it is rolled how you want it, add a little hot glue along the exposed edge of your paper and seal the cone closed.  You could use other adhesives but I like hot glue because it's fast.  With regular glue you have to sit and hold the paper until it dries - ugh, that's a pain.

Step 3: Now that the paper is rolled and glued together you need to trim off the ends. Start cutting where the two edges cross over each other, see photo above.  Then, cut all the way around the paper until you have a flat, even base like shown above.

Step 4: Next you just need to decorate your tree. Trim it with ribbons, tassels, or beads along the bottom and top it off with a bead or two on the top. You could use a little wooden star on top too, that would be cute.

You can totally be creative with the trimmings, add a little or a lot.  Plus, it's fun to use a lot of different styles of trimmings.  Check Hobby Lobby for rolls of trimmings, they are usually 50% off.  If you don't have a Hobby Lobby near by, go to Warmart.  You can buy it on the roll or have it cut by the yard there.

Step 5:
Once you have your trees all completed, gather some candlesticks. This is optional as the trees can stand on their own. However, putting them on the candlesticks will add a nice touch to your project, plus if you plan to make a grouping of trees, it will help to give height to your set.

So, that's it.  Simple, simple, simple!

Oh, and the tan tree on the left that looks fluffy, it was easy to make too.  Start by making a cone just like the steps above.  Then, take some tissue paper and cut it into small 1 inch squares.  Then roll those squares over a pencil eraser, dip in glue and then glue to your cone.  It is time consuming but I like how it looks.

Nov 10, 2011

$2 DIY Cake Plate

I didn't invent this idea on my own.  I've seen the idea a million places in blogland however I wasn't that interested until I needed a cake plate and I must say ....


And, let me add...

Like $2 dollars cheap!

I'm the meeting coordinator for a women's group at my church and we have our Christmas event coming up.  For our refreshments we need a ton of cake plates.  Ummm, I think I'm the only one in the world that doesn't own a cake plate.  Well, that was before.  I own one now and I must say, I think this may just be the easiest and quickest thing I have ever made.  

Here's how I did mine.

1- plate
1- glass goblet
super glue or epoxy
(I bought my plate and goblet at the Dollar tree - $2 bucks total!)

Put glue on your either the rim or the base of your goblet then simply glue your goblet to the bottom of your plate. Then let dry!  Seriously, isn't that easy!  IMPORTANT:  Make sure you use an adhesive that can adhere to glass and BE SURE to center your goblet on your plate.  If it's not centered it may not support your cake.  Eeek!  That would be bad.

The photo above shows the difference in how you use your goblet.  You can glue it to your plate on either the rim or on the bottom of the stem.  I personally like the one on the right where the goblet is turned upside down and the plate is glued to the bottom of the stem but either way works.

After you get it glued together and the adhesive dries simply put your new cake plate to use!

Nov 8, 2011

I'm here...

I'm still here, I'm just working on my "to-do" list, which, despite my best efforts to eliminate tasks, seems to be getting longer.  The good news (always look for the positive, right?) about this is that I will have many fun things to share.

While you wait for me to conquer my list please enjoy this lovely video.  I know the stories of the two women featured in the video and putting their faces with these very moving lyrics fills my heart, and well, my tear ducts.  We've all had those Beautiful Heartbreaks at some point in time, haven't we?

Be back soon!