Nov 10, 2011

$2 DIY Cake Plate

I didn't invent this idea on my own.  I've seen the idea a million places in blogland however I wasn't that interested until I needed a cake plate and I must say ....


And, let me add...

Like $2 dollars cheap!

I'm the meeting coordinator for a women's group at my church and we have our Christmas event coming up.  For our refreshments we need a ton of cake plates.  Ummm, I think I'm the only one in the world that doesn't own a cake plate.  Well, that was before.  I own one now and I must say, I think this may just be the easiest and quickest thing I have ever made.  

Here's how I did mine.

1- plate
1- glass goblet
super glue or epoxy
(I bought my plate and goblet at the Dollar tree - $2 bucks total!)

Put glue on your either the rim or the base of your goblet then simply glue your goblet to the bottom of your plate. Then let dry!  Seriously, isn't that easy!  IMPORTANT:  Make sure you use an adhesive that can adhere to glass and BE SURE to center your goblet on your plate.  If it's not centered it may not support your cake.  Eeek!  That would be bad.

The photo above shows the difference in how you use your goblet.  You can glue it to your plate on either the rim or on the bottom of the stem.  I personally like the one on the right where the goblet is turned upside down and the plate is glued to the bottom of the stem but either way works.

After you get it glued together and the adhesive dries simply put your new cake plate to use!


Teresa said...

So glad you suggested this today... I'm taking last notes of what I need to buy and organise before I throw myself into Holiday (Christmas) Crafting.

I wonder if I can find that affordable pieces in something silver to match my Christmas Decor... or I could gliter the set after assembling.

I Love these plates... they're so charming.

Thank you Dear!

Alida said...

I don't own a cake plate either...but I have super glue! Thanks for showing how easy it is to do.

Bluefunk said...

Love it! I love that you can make whatever size you need.

Anonymous said...

Amy, I don't own a cake plate either, but want one. My niece had made them and she'll be here at Thanksgiving - maybe I can get her to make me one.
Yours is great.

Ashlyn said...

Your DIY cake plate is genius, pure genius! :) I'm passing the "Tell Me About Yourself" blog award to you! Please see my blog post and follow my can see it here:

Suzanne said...

I've seen this done so many times with candle sticks but I like it much better with a goblet -- seems more stable. Thanks for the great idea!

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