May 6, 2011

Teacher Appreciation - A "sub"-stantial gift

First off, I'd just really like to thank Sonic for it's awesomeness.  Not only do they have really yummy Vanilla Cokes, they also happened to save my butt today.

As most of you know, It's Teacher Appreciate Week.  I've been a dedicated room-mother (didn't know I was the room-mother but that's another story) and I've followed through all week with little gifts and tokens to show appreciation for our hard working teachers.  Candy grams on Monday, flowers on Tuesday, Fruit baskets, home made treats, etc...  I've been on it like Blue Bonnet!  However, by Thursday I was feeling the drain, the juices weren't flowin' and the umph was gone.

At the last minute, after a meeting last night, I quickly went to Subway for a few gift cards.  But just a gift card by it's self seemed, well, small.  Not necessarily in amount, just in physical size, especially compared to the other gifts that were given this week.  However, I was stumped and out of energy to be crafty or clever and had just decided to through the gift card in it's sleeve and verbal say "thanks".  Lame?  Yes!  And I knew it, too.  This is where Sonic comes in - Sonic saves the day.

They have awesome drink trays.  Did you know that?  I actually use these as craft caddies when the girls and I are crafting together - it keeps all our tools in one place.  Remembering I had these, I was instantly back on track.

A quick trip to the store bright and early this morning and some fast decorating - not my best, but it works in a pinch - and I was done! 

So, moral of the story, if you need a quick gift idea put together a quick little Sonic drink tray filled with items for a Picnic in the Park - here's what you do:

1- Go to Sonic and buy enough drinks to get a drink tray (If you go between 2p - 4p, drinks are half off - SCORE!)

2- Enjoy your yummy drinks

3- Take a 12x12 piece of decorative paper and cut three 3.5" x 12" strips

4- Wrap and adhere the strips of paper to your carrier.

5- Fill with goodies like chips, a Subway gift card, chocolate, water and maybe some activities like a crossword puzzle book.  Then tie a bow around the base of it.

6 - Next whip up a super easy gift card holder.  How? I'll try to explain...

Take a regular envelope, seal it and fold it in half.  Next, cut off both ends so that it is open on each side.  Then, take a circle punch and punch out half circles on both ends.  (see above) You now have two little pockets to put in a gift card and a note.

Now, take a strip of decorative paper and fold over the envelope to create an outside cover.

Add a little adhesive to the back pocket of the envelope and place on strip of paper.  Then fold the cover into place and secure closed.  (The picture above shows the side view which I think helps visually explain it a little better.)

7- Next add in your card and note, my gift card was to Subway so my note said, "You've made a "SUB"-stantial difference in the lives of our children"  Get it?  SUB?  SUB sandwich from SUBway!  Yes, terribly clever, I know.  Then of course, I added "Thank you".

Anyway, put it all together and deliver and you are done!

Sonic saved the day.  I completed my responsibilities for Teacher Appreciation week and everything is good!