Apr 26, 2011


I've been away on vacation.  I guess it was a vacation.  It was 4 days without the internet and 2 of those days were used to drive across Wyoming - hmm, neither of those things scream vacation to me.  However, I did enjoy the two non-driving days even if they were without internet.  Shoot! I'm rambling.... I do have a point in all of this.

When I returned I had the most delightful surprise EVER.  I was the subject of some major (yes, I'm from the 80's and we said "major" all the time) blog love. WhipperBerry featured me and all I can say is, THANK YOU!  If I knew you personally, or if you lived near me, I'd make you something crafty to show my appreciation but since the internet is our connection, simple words will have to do - Thank you! It was such a delight!

And, to all of my new followers who found your way here through WhipperBerry - thank you to you, too.  I hope you'll stay awhile.  The vacation is over and the creative juices are a flowin'!

Sending my heartfelt thanks to you all!