Feb 25, 2011

Quick little tip: Binder Clips

I'm still cutting my way through flowers but wanted to share a quick little tip.  Did you know you can use binder clips for more than just office needs?  It's true.

The really great thing is that they are pretty inexpensive so buying, and stashing, a pack or two is easy on the budget.

I use them to hang things.  We've slowly been decorating my daughters room and I picked up a $5 mirror from Target for her.  The problem was it didn't have any hardware on it to hang it.  So, I whipped out my binder clips.  Luckily they had a cute pattern that matched her room. 

I also use them on my cookie sheet calendars.  That way I don't have to drill holes or use a wire that will cover up the stored items on the back.

And, last but not least, I use them in my fridge, freezer and cupboards.  They really work great for keeping food sealed up after you open it.  Seriously, don't spend three bucks on one chip-clip, just buy binder clips instead.  They are awesome!

So that's it for the tip of the day.

Back to flowers I go...  next week I'm finally going to show you the tutorial that relates to this post:  It's a sad day.  I'm pretty sure you'll like it, at least I hope so.

Have a great weekend.