Feb 21, 2011

Cookie Sheet Calendars - part 3 the last steps

Here it is, finally, the last tutorial for my Cookie Sheet calendars.  I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to get these finished.  In my other world, the one where I'm a super hero mom with mad super crafting speed, these tutorials would have been complete and posted all in one week.  Ya, so, we all know I obviously don't live in that world.

However, here it is... it's done and hopefully, if you've been making one too, these tutorials have been helpful.

So, we left off with completing the decorating of the 35 squares in the number grid.  Now we need to finish decorating the other pieces that will go on the front of the calendar.

The remaining items are the 12 months strips and the days of the week strip.  Will start with the days of the week strip.

Step 1:  Modge Podge your chipboard strip to your paper.  Normally I will cut the paper first and then adhere it.  However, because the strip is narrow, I actually Mod Podged it to the paper first, then trimmed the excess paper off.

Step 2:  Once it has dried, ink your edges and add your days of the week like shown above.  I had some stickers that worked great for this calendar but you could use any stickers, rub-ons, stamps, or print the words out on your computer.

Step 3:  (not shown) Add magnets to the back of the strip and place it on your calendar

Step 4:  Cut your strips of paper to be the same size as your chipboard pieces for the 12 months.  I used three patterns and cut four of each.

Step 5:  Mod Podge your papers on to the chipboard pieces

Step 6:  Add the names of the months to each piece.  You can do this by stamping them, using stickers or die cuts.  Mine were cut using my Cricut machine

Step 7:  Decorate your month strips.  I kept mine pretty simple but you could do a lot with them.  With past calendars I've added quotes and even done some needle work too.  Really anything goes.

Step 8:  (not shown) Add the magnets to the back of each piece.  I used three magnets on each, one at the top, one in the middle, and one on the bottom.  

Now all the pieces that will go on the front are complete.  Time to work on the back/storage part.

Step 9:  You still have 15 remaining squares that you will decorate and label. These squares will make up your special occasions, any holiday you celebrate.  I did all the standard  holidays like Easter, Valentine's Day, Christmas, ect.  Plus, I also left 5 blank.  These extra pieces will be fillers for when a month starts on a Saturday and you have all those blank spaces in front of it.  Or, for when you have a month like February that is short and ends on a Monday.  These extra squares will fill in those blanks.

Step 10: Once you've got them all decorated, add the magnets and place them on the back of your cookie sheet in the middle of the pan.  You'll have something like what is shown above. (I should mention that when I say "back of cookie sheet" I'm actually meaning the part where you'd cook your cookies.  Really it's the front, but since we are using this part as the storage for the extra pieces, I call it the back.  Hope that makes sense!)

Step 11:  Now we need to make the pockets to hold the extra month pieces.  You will need to cut four strips of paper.  Mine are 8-1/2 inches long and are as wide as the month pieces so roughly 2-1/2 inches wide. (the picture shows one of them already folded)

Step 12:  Fold your papers so you have something like what is shown above.  I don't have measurements but basically, you just want to make sure that you have a squared bottom.  Each pocket will hold three strips so they need to have some space in them to accommodate the chipboard and magnets that are on each piece. .

Step 13:  Place three of your month strips in the pocket and tie a ribbon or some floss around them, then decorate.  I used a circle punch to cut a half circle out of the top and then I added some stickers with the month names on each pocket.  This tells me which months are in each pocket.

Step 14:  (not shown)  Add four strips of magnets to the back of each pocket and put them in place (see last photo below for placement).

Step 15:  Next you need to add your ribbon so you can hang your calendar.  I did this by attaching small binder clips to the top rim of the cookie sheet and simply tied ribbon to each clip.  Then I tied on a bow to cover the knot.

And that is it!  You are now ready to hang it up and put it to use.  Here is my completed calendar.

Eventually I will add some extra squares that have peoples pictures on them.  That way when it is their birthday, their picture will take the place of the regular date piece.

So that is it, thanks for following along.

Ok, onto the next project.... hmmm, what to do next?