Feb 6, 2011

Cookie Sheet Calendars - part 2

Finally!  Wow, what a busy week....  Thanks for being patient with me.

In part two, we get to decorate!  This is the fun part....

First, gather all your supplies.  I just went through all my stickers and rub-ons and put them all in a box.  Anything that I thought would work, I pulled out and kept together.  Then I grabbed a few punches, buttons, brads, floss, etc...   Pretty much anything goes.  In the past I've also used a lot of stamps but didn't get them out this time.  Seriously, use whatever you have.

This is what my little box of supplies looked like.  I pulled way more than I ended up using but it was nice to have it all together in one place just in case I wanted it.

Once you have all your supplies, you need to get your pieces in order.  From Part 1, we've already laid them out and have them in the grid the way we want them.  The best way to keep them in order is to simply turn them over and number them.  That way as you are decorating, you'll remember where each piece came from.

Now, please note, if you are going to number them in order, you don't really need to do that step, however, to make the process go quicker I do mine a different way.  I'll explain that a little more in a bit.  First though, you may want to ink the edges of each piece.

Inking the edges will help define each piece and also keep the whole calendar grid uniform.

I explained earlier that I don't number/decorate my pieces in order.  Instead, I pull out three to five pieces from my grid and I use the same number style (rub-ons or stickers) on all three pieces.  This serves two purposes.  1-) It's quicker and 2-) because you are repeating styles, it will also unify your design.  Here's what I mean...

I pulled out three piece, you can't tell from the picture above but they were labeled on the back as 15, 20 and 30.

Then, using the same style of rub-ons, I numbered each piece.


Once they were numbered I put them back into the grid.  You can see that they make a visual triangle.
Next, just continue the process.

Above are a few more pieces that I pulled out of order and numbered them all with the same sticker/rub-on style.

You can see how the grid is starting to fill up.

Once you've got all your numbers in place, go back and add in some embellishments.  Don't go too crazy, remember sometimes less is actually more.  However, have fun with it too.  Add in some floss, stickers, punched shapes, etc...  I even did some sewing on some of my pieces.

I know I said I was using all new photos for this tutorial but here are some photos of some details from some pieces from past calendars I made.  It might help you get some ideas flowing.

Use brads to make your numbers.

Make some little button flowers

Tie some simple bows out of floss

Make some designs from punches and floss

Use a masking technique by placing a sticker on your square and then ink over it.  Once the ink is dry, remove the sticker to show the number design underneath. 

Use stickers to decorate the pieces.  

So, that's it... decorating the grid is the fun part.  Oh, and one last thing before we wrap up part 2.  Once all your grid pieces are numbered and decorated, add a magnet to back of each piece.  You only need a small magnet on the back of each number piece.  Something like what is shown below.

I should also point out, you'll still have 15 pieces left.  Those will be stored on the back of your cookie sheet for special holidays.  We'll work on those next.

Email or leave a comment if you have question.



Lynette said...

Thanks so much for all the work you are putting into this tut! I do love this project and big hugs to you for sharing!


Greenville Coupon Clippers said...

These are great! Can't wait to make them for some gifts. Very creative.