Jan 1, 2011

Rosette Ring

So, I know I said the snowmen were coming however, I got a little sidetracked today and I thought I'd share what I've been working on.  And, yes, I know I'm a little late to the party.  These rosettes have been around blogland forever.  However, like most trends, I'm usually the last one to join in.  
But, ever since I showed a group of young women how to make these, I've been making them like crazy.  I can't seem to stop.  So, since I've already made a gazillion barrettes - more than my daughters need - and I've already put them on bags, what was next?  Rings of course!  Again, I know these have been around but I couldn't find a tutorial on how to make the ring, so here's what I came up with....

First:  You need something to wrap the wire around.  It needs to be similar to the size of your finger.  I found out that the top of this bottle of ink was just perfect for my ring size.  You can actually just wrap the wire around your finger however it's hard to get it perfectly round that way.  And, don't forget to make it a little bigger than you need so it can go over your knuckle.

As for wire, you can pretty much use anything, I some silver jewelry wire on hand from a previous project so I just used what I had.  Then you just wrap the wire around your form.  I wrapped mine three times.

 After you get it wrapped, curl your end pieces under and tuck them in so they are hooked around each other and so the ends won't scratch or poke. (I didn't get a good photo of the edges tucked in but you can kind of see it in the photos below.)

Next you'll need to prep the ring so you can attach the rosette. You'll need a thin piece of ribbon to start.

Using hot glue, add a small dot of glue right on top of the tucked under wire pieces.

Then attach the end of the ribbon to the glue dot.  Wrap the ribbon around the wire two or three times and glue the ribbon end in place.

Next just add the rosette right on top of the glued on ribbon and you're done! 

Cute, right?!  I don't usually wear a lot of jewelry but I will wear these.  They are so cute.

(The purply-pink rosette was made from really thin ribbon and the blue rosette was made from a thin strip of blue fabric.)



taidyeoriginal said...

these are adorable! Thanks for the tutorial! tai @ taidye original

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

How fun - I used to make wire rings as a child. These are so cute, you could make them to match outfits or for teens.

Jenny said...

These are so cute!! I love them. I'm just not sure how to make the rosettes out of the ribbon. Could you do a post on that?

Erin said...

Those are adorable!! :)