Jan 21, 2011

"Brown Paper Hearts Hanging From String..."

I believe we are programmed to recognize red and pink as Valentine colors.  You agree, right?  I like those colors, really I do.  However, I was looking for something a little different to hang around my house.  My decor colors are muted and earthy and well, pink was just not quite right.

So, looking for an alternative, I decided to pull out my shipping paper and put my printer to work to create some custom hanging hearts.


You should know, just because it might happen to you, the whole time I was making them I kept singing (in my head of course - no need to scare the kiddos) "brown paper packages tied up in string.  These are a few of my favorite things."  Except I was super creative and inserted "brown paper hearts hanging from string...."  Clever, right?

Ok, anyway, if you want to make your own, here's how....

Supplies Needed:
Brown Shipping Paper
Plan computer paper
String, floss or ribbon
Strong adhesive (I used double sided tape)
Batting & Scissors

Step 1:  Open your computer program of choice.  Adobe Illustrator or something similar will work.  (I did mine in Corel Draw)  Set your paper size to standard, 8.5 x 11 and then divide your page in half.  Draw a heart in one side of your paper and change your line color to gray.  Then drop in some text where you'd like it on your heart.  Repeat the steps in the second half of your paper so when you are done you will have two hearts ready to be printed.

Step 2:  Take your 8.5 x 11 piece of standard printing paper and using it as a guide, trim a piece of brown paper to size.  Tape the brown paper to the top of the white paper.  (Tip:  Be careful where you put the tape.  If you put it too far down on the brown paper you will print onto the tape instead of the paper and it will mess up your final project.) 

Step 3:  Put your paper into your printer paper tray and print your design. 

 Ok, right about now you are wondering why I just didn't use brown card stock.  The reason is because the shipping paper has more give and is thinner which helps later on when we stuff them.

(When you're done printing you'll have something that looks like the photo shown above.)

Step 4:  Remove the brown paper from the white paper and carefully cut along the gray lines and cut out your two hearts.

Step 5:  (Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph this step) Next you put the two cut out hearts back to back. Then using double stick tape, or you could even sew them (I did some of both), adhere the two hearts together.  Make sure you leave a small opening.  Then, add in a little bit of batting, you don't need much.  This just makes the hearts poof out slightly.  After you have your desired poofy-ness (nice word!) then close up the opening.

(I stitched this one together and I must say, I quite like it)

Step 6:  Now you are ready to add your string.  Poke a small hole in the top of your heart, then tie on your string.  I used floss but you could use string, ribbon, fishing line, anything will work.

Step 7:  Hang up your hearts!  You could make just a few or you could make many.  You could also hook them together like a banner and decorate a mantle.  Lots of options here.

Oh, and, one more thing.... since you are creating your own design on each heart, why not add in personal statements, quirky little family quotes and custom love notes.  Yup!  What's better than a valentine made just for your family?  Not much!


(P.S. I really don't have 11 toes, it's just something silly I say  to express my love to my husband.) 


Karen said...

Those are adorable1 Such a great idea. Love your blog!

Patricia said...

Hi...I've been viewing your site for the last hour or so and...I LOVE IT!! Love all your projects...I was flipping from page to page and all of a sudden today's post popped up...this is so simple yet so CuTe! That's what I like about your creativity...SIMPLE! That's the way I like it! Thanks for sharing..looking forward to seeing what else you CREATE for ALL of us! Have a GREAT weekend!

Marinne Williams :) said...

Cute!! Very creative ;)

Trinity said...

Really love these! Definitely making some this Valentines's Day....Thank you!

Dee said...

Such a cute idea! I shared it on my CraftBliss Facebook page and linked back to you. ~Dee

Mageesa Biscette said...

hi i've been viewing yr ideas and i am really loving it. I live in the caribbean and we dont have snow but i am inspired by the sock-snowman will be working on something in madras cloth for christmas (our national wear: http://www.caribbean-tour.com/images/Saint%20Lucia%20Culture.jpg). keep the ideas coming..you have a new fan!!