Dec 7, 2010

A week of gifts - Day 2

It's day 2 and here's the second gift idea.  I will say this idea has been around a lot.  I first saw it about 4 or 5 years ago and then I saw it resurface on another blog a few weeks ago.  It's still a good idea though and it's really easy.  My teen daughter loves to make these for her friends.

Acrylic Frame Note Set

You will need:

1 - 4x6 acrylic frame.  (You can find them at Walmart for like .88 cents)
1 - Note pad (you can use a Sticky note pad or buy the pads shown in a set of three)
1- scrap of pattern paper cut to 4x6
1- pen (you need the kind that the barrel can be separated from the ink and writing part)
Polymer clay
Ribbon, Rub-ons, and anything else to dress it up

What you do:  Note Pad/Frame part
1- First, slide your 4x6 paper into your frame.
2- Attach the paper pad to the front of the frame
3- add rub-ons and ribbon
4- set aside

What you do: Pen
1- Remove the ink from the plastic barrel of the pen. (use a pen that is round, Bics work great)
2- Set ink aside
3- After conditioning your clay, wrap the plastic pen barrel with clay.  You can design this any way you like.  I turned my clay into a long rope and wrapped it all the way around.  Then I added little circles to make it have polka-dots.  (TIP:  Be sure not to cover the end of the barrel where the ink will need to go back in. It needs to be clear of clay or the ink part will not insert all the way after the clay bakes.)
4- Bake pen barrel (not the ink part) according to directions on clay package.  Usually it's 275 degrees for about 15 minutes, but, as you know all ovens vary and so does clay.
5- After clay pen has baked and cooled, insert the ink part back into the barrel.
6- Add pen to frame and give away.

There you have it a very simple, expensive desk set that would be perfect for writing down phone messages, grocery lists, or love notes for lunches.  And, it could be easily made in Christmas colors and used just for the holiday season.

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Karenduch said...

Very cute! and inexpensive! Love it!