Dec 6, 2010

A week of gifts - Day 1

I've been a bit sporadic in my posts lately but I'm back and just in time, too.  It's time to totally get serious about this Christmas thing and so I've decided this week should focus on quick and easy homemade gifts.

Some of these are new to me this year and others are good old stand-bys that I've made year after year.  And I PROMISE you want to keep checking back because one of these gifts is the best gift ever!!!  (Yep, it deserves three exclamation marks.)   Every time I've given it, I always hear the other people in the room say, "I want one of those!".  I'm not bragging here, just sharing something that I think will work for you too.  So check back every day and in the meantime, let's kick the week off with ....

Day 1 - Paper Potpourri sachets!

If you've got some thick cardstock or pattern paper lying around you can whip these up in no time flat!

You'll need:

12x12 thick paper (Note:  you can use a smaller size.  And, it works great if it's double sided with a different print on the back so that you can mix up your designs)
paper trimmer or scissors
potpourri (small potpourri works best or crush it so it's small)
Sewing machine (optional, as you could probably glue the edges, I haven't tried that though so I don't know for sure)

To Start:

1- Cut down your paper so that you have 4- 6x6 squares.  (really, you could make these any size you want, but this size worked best for me)

2- Take two squares of paper and sew threes sides of it together with your sewing machine.

3- Fill the paper pocket with potpourri

4- Being careful to keep the potpourri inside the pocket, carefully sew the last side closed.

5- Next, carefully rip the edges of the paper so that it just adds a little more texture to the overall design.  You could leave it as is or you could ink the edges.

6- Repeat the above steps on your remaining two pieces of paper.

7 - Decorate outside of sachets (NOTE:  if you are using brads or things that need to poke through the paper, decorate the outsides first before you do the sewing)

8- Stack sachets on top of each other and tie together with a pretty bow!

9- Give away!

So there you have it.  There's today's gift idea.  This is great for friends, neighbors, church ladies and grandmas.  You could even be all creative and throw some pictures on there too or, let the kids get crafty and make them for their primary teachers and youth leaders.

Total cost?  Easily under a $1 for both sachets.

Enjoy and check back tomorrow for Day 2!

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Crystal said...

just wanted to say that i discovered your blog & love have so many fabulous ideas! especially this one! i wanted to let you know that you inspired me to make my own sachets & post them on my blog here:
if you want to take a peek, that would be great, but i really just wanted to know how amazing your projects are! hugs & merry christmas!