Dec 3, 2010

Christmas cards

Ok!  How is time passing so quickly?  I started planning my Christmas cards months ago and I still haven't even started them.  (Insert giant GASP)  I know, right?!  I better hurry.

The good news is they are all planned out, I just have to wait for the right day to take our pictures and then I'll be all set.  In the meantime though, I thought you might enjoy seeing a card idea from a few years ago.

I really like making my own cards but was totally stumped for a design idea so I decided to take the design idea straight off of the scrapbook layout above and just scaled it to fit the card and, of course, changed the theme.  Here is the end result.

If you are stumped for ideas and you like to make your own cards, go back and look at your layouts, you just might find something that will work.


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