Nov 10, 2010

Harvest Snack Mix

So today is Harvest day at my daughter's school.  They have Harvest day instead of Halloween or Thanksgiving celebrations.  I have mixed feelings about that but I go with the flow and it is much easier to plan just one party instead of two. 

Today I have an hour with the kids and we are doing four different activities.  I hope it will all go well.  One of the things we are doing is making a Harvest Snack Mix.  I've seen it online listed as a Blessing mix and they use different items that represent blessings related to Thanksgiving.  However, for school, since we can't really do religious things, I pared it back a bit and changed it from "blessing" to just snack mix. 

The kids will make their own mix by following a recipe and mixing it in a sandwich bag.   It consists of pretzels, seeds, candy corn and raisins.

Then after they have followed the recipe they will put it in a brown lunch bag and attach a scarecrow to the front with a twist tie - I found some twist ties in autumn colors, so cool!.  I also found the scarecrows at Walmart on clearance for .50 cents.  (Total bargain!)  And, after the scarecrow is attached they will add the tag and their snack mix is ready to be sent home.

Pretty easy and the cool thing is I've been looking for a little "thank you" gift for a couple of friends who don't really like baked treats.  So, when I get home from the school party I'm going to change the tag and make a "blessing" mix and deliver these to my friends as thank you gifts.