Nov 12, 2010

Creating your own paper

Sooo, this week has been crazy at my house.  So much going on.  School parties, birthdays, work, etc... you know how it is.  Some weeks are just crazier than others.  Because of this I'm digging into the archives for today's post.  I'm thinking now is a good time as many of you may be trying to come up with your holiday card ideas and this idea just might help you out. 

I'm a big fan of text.  I like the graphic look of typography and I like to use it in various places.  And one of  the places I use it most is in my paper crafting.  I like to to make my own paper designs. If I didn't tell you, would you have known that I had made my the paper designs below?  I hope not.

Here's what you do:

1- Open a text program, something like MS Word or whatever you are most comfortable working with.

2- Start typing.  Pick random words that apply to the theme of your project.  The images above both were for Christmas so they have Christmas words.

3- Once you filled up a line or two with random words go back and change the font styles on a few of those words.  You can also bold them, Italic them, or even change the color.

4- Once you get those lines how you like them, then just copy and paste them all the way down the paper until you have filled the whole space. You'll end up with something like the image on the right.

5- Next, use your newly designed paper for anything you wish.

NOTE:   You can print text on anything, really.  For the card above I just used white cardstock but for the layout I printed it over top of a pattern paper and I love how the green still shows through.  You can also print on a transparency too, which looks really cool.

Ok, I'm off to celebrate my twins birthday and make our traditional money cake. Perhaps I'll share that too...