Nov 30, 2010

Activity based Advent Calendar

The count down begins!

As you know from previous posts, we love advent calendars at our house.  The kids each have their own candy countdown and I've been known to make a new one every now and then.  Here's the one we are currently using, it is activity based.

To make it, I took a sturdy box that a birthday gift came in and cut off the two ends and one of the long sides.  Then I attached the remaining ends together to form a triangle.  This became the base of the count down.

From there I covered the base with paper using mod-podge.  Next I added 24 sheets of paper, each with an envelope of some sort.  Here's a few so you get the idea.  In some cases I just used an envelope I had on hand, for others I made the envelopes or pockets myself.

Besides just using pattern paper and cardstock for the backgrounds, I also used transparencies.  I like crafting with transparencies as there is a lot you can do with it.  For this page I painted my foam stamps and stamped the word "Merry". Then I used StazOn ink and stamped snowflakes as well.  I like how the page underneath peeks through. 


So, how does it work?  Each envelope has an activity that we will do as a family each day.  It may be something as simple as making gourmet hot cocoa or going ice skating.  We also have stories to share, crafts to make, treats to deliver, etc... as we get closer to Christmas the focus will shift to activities geared around Christ.

The basics of the count down are really very simple.  Each envelope has a number on it, that number is the number of days remaining until Christmas.  Also listed is the actual date we will need to open each envelope.  This was important for me so I could align the activities with what was already scheduled for our family.  For instant, we wouldn't go ice skating on Sunday so I needed to make sure that was scheduled for a Friday or Saturday. 

It's fun to plan ahead and the girls are so excited to start counting down.  This certainly helps the time pass quicker and in so many ways keeps me sane because I have plan and schedule to keep them busy.

Let the count down begin!



Melissa said...

This is so cute!


Paper Butterfly said...

I started making my calendars monthly with Designer's Calendar cartridge from Cricut and although I love it, I have been looking around for other calendar ideas. I thought of using magnets but not sure how to and your calendar project is exactly what I was looking for! I love it! It looks like lots of fun to do and I can't wait to start! I'm excited to make my calendar for 2012! Thanks so much for sharing! : )