Oct 22, 2010

For you... A quick tutorial

I have a long going project that I started last spring.  Truth be told it's been in my head for years but I actually started it last spring and I continue to work on it here and there.  You see, I have three lovely daughters and I'm making a little book for each of them about things I think are important for them to know.  It's not a traditional scrapbook where you document things that happened, it's more of an advice/what's in my brain book.  Does that make sense at all?

My own mom died when I was pretty young and I kind of wonder what she would say to me or teach me had she lived. I don't want my own girls to wonder about that.  I want them to know.  So, what does all of this have to do with today's post?  Well first, I thought I'd introduce you to my project.  Most of my creations on this blog are things that I can do and get done quick.  But this one is a work in progress and I'm sure I'll show updates along the way.  And second, I thought I'd share with you  a quick tutorial on the resist technique I used to create the title page.  So, here it is....

 1- Place a sticker or vinyl letter in the place you'd like to start.

2- Using a sponge (or something else like a q-tip or paper towel) dab into your ink and then apply on top of the sticker and slowly push the ink out onto the paper.

3- After you've added the ink, carefully remove the sticker and you're done.

Easy right?!  Now, just a couple of tips.  If you are using stickers, remove some of the "stick" before you put it on the paper other wise you may tear your paper when you pull it off.  I do this by sticking it to my jeans a few times.  I'm sure there is a more technical way to do this, but this is cheap and easy and works for me.  And, make sure you push the ink out from on top of the sticker.  Other wise you'll leave a mark on your paper that you won't be able to blend.

So there you have it.  You can use this technique for a lot of different things; cards, scrapbooks, home decor, etc...

Aside from the pictures that will be in the books, the designs will all be the same.  Here's another I started for one of my twins:


Emily said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks for sharing this! I have been making cards off and on for several years and have recently stopped. I don't know why. I want to start scrapbooking but I'm not creative at all so keep giving me ideas! I think it's a great project you are doing for your girls! Your Mom would be so proud of you!! Emily

Anonymous said...

Cool technique! Can't wait to find places to use it!