Sep 7, 2010

Another fall tradition.

I've been working on a subway art project that is HUGE so I'm a little occupied lately.  However, I've been thinking about all things fall and I must admit that I can't wait to add to my Halloween book.  This little book is another one of our fall traditions.  We pull it out sometime mid-September and keep it out until Halloween.  Then, after Halloween I add new pictures and tuck the book away until next year.  It's fun for the girls to look through all their past costumes and I love that I have a little organized spot all ready waiting for this year.   Here's a look at what I've done in the past.  Now if my kids would just decide what they want to be this year, I could start making their costumes.  Of course, that's after I finish my current project.  LOL!!!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

That's a really cute idea. I might have to use this idea to make one for my niece.