Aug 27, 2010

Just can't wait

So the conversations went like this:

Miss M:  What are you going to put on your blog next?
Me:  I'm not sure, I'm thinking about some fall stuff
Miss M:  MOM!  we're not Hobby Lobby or Walmart!
Me:  (confused look)  huh?
Miss M:  You know!  They always put their holiday stuff out waaay early, like in July.  It's still August, DON'T  be like them!

Guess what?  I didn't listen!

I'm going to post a fall themed project anyway.  After all, September is just 5 days away AND these are last years projects anyway so I will save the new stuff for September 1st, that's fair right?
I was first introduced to today's project when the twins where in 1st grade (that's forever ago) when one of them brought home a request that every child bring in a roll of toilet paper.  That was a new request for me.  I'd had requests for tissues, pencils, and paper towels but toilet paper?  That was odd!   However, I'm so glad I sent her on her way to school with her roll of TP because a few weeks later she came home with this....

Would you have guessed it was made with a roll of toilet paper?  Nope!  Me neither.  So, all you do is get a square of orange fabric and place the TP on top of the fabric, in the center, then wrap the fabric up and tuck the ends into the center of the roll.  Then to finish the look, add a stem and a leaf and you're done.  This is so easy for little crafters to do and it's fun because it's an I.G. project  (Instant gratification) with very little mess or tweaking needing.

However, if you want to step up the level of difficulty just one notch you can make the same thing but out of paper instead.  I like it both ways but I lean towards liking the decorative paper options slightly better just because you can mix pattern papers and add texture.

Here's a quick visual on how I did the paper pumpkin.

Easy right?  Just a few tips and other ideas.  I wanted a little texture so I crinkled up the strips of paper before tucking them into the tube.  Also, to get them to stay in place I did use a little scotch tape in the center of the tube to hold them down.  And, if you want to make it look more distressed and a bit rustic you could always ink the edges.

Fun right?  These little pumpkins have become a must-do craft tradition for us and we will make them every year.  Oh, and if you make your own.  At the end of the season, the fabric comes off really easy and you can just save the fabric square so it's ready for next year.  The paper versions tends to get a little brittle in storage so I usually make them with new paper strips each year.

P.S. I just joined the Saturday Night Special