Apr 14, 2014

Flash Back Craft of the Day: Bunny Card

I've been getting some emails about craft projects seen on Pinterest.  I guess a lot of them aren't link to the actual post which makes it hard for people to find the tutorials.  Soooo, this week I'll be doing some flash back craft posts.

First up, drum roll please......   The Bunny Card!  (First posted in 2012)

I made this, it's a fun little Easter card. If you want to make one for yourself here's the supplies you will need and a quick tutorial.

Supplies Needed:
1 - 8 x 11 piece of white cardstock
Heart Maze (purchased from Walmart - they came in a pack of 6)
pattern paper scraps (ears)
2 - small black buttons
Fine black marker or pen

Step 1:  Fold your paper in half like shown above. It should be folded long- wise

Step 2:  On the lower half of your paper, trace the heart maze.

Step 3:  Set maze aside and draw in some fur about in the middle of the paper like shown.

Step 4:  Carefully cut out the heart shape.  Then cut along the line you drew for the fur.  Continue cutting up the fold line so that when you are done you have something that looks like what is shown above.

Step 5:  Next, fold the paper back into card shape and carefully cut out bunny ears on the back part of your card.  See above photo.

Step 6:  Now, it's time to decorate your card.  Add some pattern paper for the inside of the ears.  Attach the maze for the nose and buttons for the eyes.  Then, using a fine tipped marker or pen, draw in some details.

Step 7:  Don't forget the inside.  Write in your message.  Mine says Some "Bunny" thinks you are a"maze"ing. - Happy Easter.

And that's it.  It's a pretty simple card that would look really cute attached to a plate of Easter goodies for neighbors or friends.

Apr 13, 2014

Making Modest out of Immodest

Tonight was Prom night.  This night has been a year in the making, kinda.  We found a dress last year on clearance, it was a $109 and marked down to just $22 buckaroos.  Miss M wasn't even old enough to date at the time but she loved the color and it had potential and we knew that at some point in the future she'd have the opportunity to wear it.  

The problem though, despite the great price, it was not modest.  

Now, I know my idea of a modest dress is probably different from most.  I've seen lots of girls wearin' similar things.  Strapless dresses seem to be the norm but I've never been the norm and that's how I like it.  I fully believe that the way you dress sends a message, good or bad, it sends a message.  What message would my 16 year old daughter, with cut-out pieces on the side and a strapless dress be sending?  Not the kind of message I want her to be sending, that's for sure.  

She's beautiful, talented, smart, and amazing and she doesn't need to dress in less to get attention - period!  And, if she did, is that attention the kind of attention she wants?  I hope not.

Also, our church encourages our youth (and adults too) to dress modestly.  We have a booklet that is for teenagers called For The Strength of Youth that talks about a lot of different areas on how to be exemplar youth in God's eyes.  One of the topics is dress and appearance.  I love that it breaks down the reasons why modesty is important and I agree whole heartily with what it says.

Any way....  my point.  Here's the dress before (yes, she is wearing a shirt under it, you know, for modesty reasons)

The dress had lattice work up the sides that showed bare skin underneath - not so good.  
Those areas needed to be filled in.

It was also strapless.  It had these two little, itty bitty straps but we found out those were for hanging the dress up on a hanger, not really straps.  Plus, the dress was way too long.  Even if she wore heels, which she didn't want to, it was too long.

So, we had a challenge.  How do we fix these issues without it looking like we did.  It kind of bugs me to see dresses that have sleeves sewn on in different colors.  You can just tell it didn't come that way originally.  I wanted to avoid that.

We decided to cut the bottom off the dress, it was too long anyway, and then I took the fabric and I made some sleeves.  It wasn't easy though as I only had really small strips of fabric to work with.  

I took two pieces/strips of fabric and sewed them together then carefully put the tulle over it to make a really wide strap.  Next I used what was left to make a cap sleeve.  I didn't have a pattern, just did my best to use what I had and it worked.

Here she is with her the sleeves finished.  It doesn't look that bad, right?  And not once did I use my glue gun to put it together.  Soldering Iron, yes.  Glue gun, no!  That's a big thing for me. 

Also, it's not shown, but the sides that were bare, I left the lacing but added matching fabric underneath it.  Too bad I didn't get a picture of that.  The fabric filled in the emptiness quite nicely and it looked like it was there all along.  

The dress also felt a little bland so I used me mad skillz and made her a belt.  Recognize the flowers?  They are just larger versions of my little itty-bitty hair flowers It was pretty simple to make the belt, I just got the measurement needed and went to work.  The finishing touch on the belt was adding the flowers. 

It's cute with the belt, right?!  I think so anyway, and so did she.  Plus, it tied in nicely with her pearl jewelry.

Can you believe I failed to get a full length photo of just her. So, this one will have to do.  Over all, the end result is way better than the dress in it's original form.  Miss M loved it and was comfortable in it.  The sleeves not only added modesty but they added comfort too.  No need to keep pulling up the dress.

And there you have it, that's how I made a modest prom dress out of an immodest dress.

Apr 2, 2014

Light Released

Light Released
By Amy J Williams

Another light has been released from my life
The sorrow, the sadness, the darkness, the strife

My heart aches, my head pounds, my eyes burn
I question why Death has so quickly returned

I’m alone in my home, there's no laughter or joy
My God, why this pain do you deploy?

But then in my solitude, I no longer feel alone
He reminds me, life is eternal beyond body or bone

In that I find comfort, peace fills my anguished soul
Her light has released but through Him her spirit remains whole


Written tonight as I waited for the call, I knew it wouldn't be long as my family had gathered together in Utah and my brothers gave her one last blessing. A blessing of release.

I love you Merrleen - thank you for being my "mom" for the last 28 years!

Mar 28, 2014

Go Do A Liz Thing

(Want to print this tag?  Here you go.  Click here)

Mr. K and I had a rare opportunity to sneak away this afternoon for an impromptu mini date.  My schedule was unexpectedly open and he was fed up with work and feeling a frustrated.  As you know, frustration on a Friday is just not a good thing and we decided to skip out and go get a smoothie - hot date, right?

The best thing happened to us though and we had yet another reminder that while life can be heavy, sad, and often burdened down, there is a lot of goodness in the world around us.  My regular readers know my favorite saying, "kindness matters!", well today I want to tell you why it matters so much.

We stepped up to the counter at Berry Blendz to place our order - a Love Potion #9 for me and a Fruit Flirtation for Mr. Kent.  I was pulling out my debit card to pay when I see a $20 bill and a piece of paper hit the counter in front of me. I don't even remember what exactly was said but here was this woman that I had never met, never even seen before, and she was buying our smoothies.

I really have no idea how I re-acted, I was a little bit shocked but I hope I was receptive to her kindness - it really was kind.  It just lifted us right up.  When we sat down to wait for our smoothies to be made we had time to read the paper that was given to us.

The title said; "Honor the day; go do 'A Liz Thing'"  (Please go read the full version here, it was in our local paper today)

The article tells of a sweet young women who lost her life six years ago and today, March 28th, is the day that in honor of her, her family is remembering how their sister and daughter lived.

I was so touched!

I know a little about loss lately, it's hard to focus on the positive when you hurt so much but I loved how this mom was turning her focus from loss to remembering.  And not just remembering but also passing on the good. The joy.  The positive.

My smoothie tasted better than normal today and when we left Berry Blendz both Mr. K and I were a lot happier.  

We decided right then that we needed to pass this on.

We hit the store on our way home and had fun shopping for happy things.  Yellow is a happy color - it reminds me of sunshine and sunshine is happy.  We also decided that since this was all started by a mom honoring her daughter, and since we have three daughters of our own, there was no better thing for us to do than get enough gifts to give out to three people and get our own daughters involved.

These are the goodies we came home with.  Honestly, these items will not change anyone's day, they are just things.  But, we hope the action of giving and sharing and honoring Liz not only changes their day but touches their hearts as well.  

Here's the stash before we wrapped it up.  Mr. K had the idea to get the cups and place the balloons in the straw. Pretty smart!

With the three gifts ready, we just needed to decided who to give them to.  We took one to a friend.  She's been on my mind a lot lately.  She has such a good heart and gives so much on so many different levels that she just needed to have a day that she got something back.  The other two gifts we gave out randomly.

We stopped in parking lots and waited for people.  It felt a little weird, like we were stalking them.  The first people we approached were a mom and daughter.  They were skeptical.  Isn't that how we all probably act at first?  We live in a society that takes more than it gives so I understand their hesitation.  After some explanation they both smiled and the mom said "Really?!  I've never had this happen before."

The second lady had her hands full of groceries and my daughters had to chase her down - poor woman, hi-jacked by two tweens right there in the grocery store parking lot!  But, her smile - I will remember her smile always.

So, I know the day is wrapping up.  March 28th will soon pass and become the 29th, but to all my dear readers, it's not too late.  I encourage you to go and do your own "Liz Thing" this weekend.  Then She Made has, between all it's social media outlets, over 8,000 readers.  That's small potatoes in blogland but can you even imagine if half of those readers did a "Liz Thing"?

The world is changed by one person interacting with another person who interacts with someone else.  Even though Liz isn't here to see it, her life and example is still blessing and changing the world.  I never met her but she changed mine.  And, as a mom myself, I can see no greater way than to keep your daughters memory alive than encouraging acts of kindness, like the things her daughter did all the time.

To Liz's Mom - Thank you for the smoothie but more importantly thank you for making my day better!  Thank you for reminding me to think outside of myself.

To share your own "Liz Thing" experience, go to their facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/alizthing   or if you share on instagram be sure to tag it #doalizthing

and, remember you can read more about Liz and this great day in our local paper by clicking here:  Coloradoan.com or here:  The Tribune

One more thing:  I've created a printable file to the tag, if you'd like it, here you go:  Tag Pdf

Mar 20, 2014

Wafer Cookie Baskets

My kiddos are on spring break this week.  We've been planning for months to take a four state road trip to scout out colleges for Miss M but as it turns out, she really didn't want to go.  And, with blowing snowing in Wyoming and a lack of desire, it was just best to cancel.

I was fine with cancelling.  It would have been fun for the girls and I to hit the open road but at the same time, 25 hours in the car over the course of three days really wasn't where my heart was either.  So, what do we do instead?  We've hit a bunch of stores, went to lunch a few times, did make-overs and nails, worked on a prom dress, did a photo shoot, played Mine Craft (not me, them), stalked Imagine Dragons online (we just went to their concert - it was fabulous), hit the library, watched Frozen a few hundred times and today we made these...

Little Jet found the idea in a kids book she checked out from the library - I can't remember the name of the book.  It had some other cute food crafts in it, too. For this project we didn't follow the directions in the book.  They called for other ingredients that we didn't have but the visual idea was good and sparked some imagination.  So we tweaked the idea to make it our own and this is what we came up with. These little basket are pretty easy to make and honestly they are fun for kids to make because after some simple instructions, they can dive in and make their own with very little help.

Here's what you need:

A sheet cake - I just used a box cake mix and split the batter between a 9x13 and an 8x8 pan.  You don't want the cake super tall, that's why I split it.  Then, depending on the length of your waffle cookies, you want to cut it into squares.  For mine I cut them into 2 inch squares and that was just about perfect.  It will make more sense below so keep reading.

Other Supplies - Waffle cookies, Twizzlers, Peeps, Paper Plates, Frosting, and Knives
Optional - Fruit and Jelly Beans

Step 1 - The first thing you want to do is place a square of cake in the center of your plate.

Step 2 - Frost just the top of your cake and one flat side of 8 cookies 
(only 4 cookies are shown above but you need 8 to complete the sides of the basket)

Step 3 - Next place the frosted side of each cookie around each side of the cake.  You want to put the cookies so they butt up against each other on the ends.  The large photo above shows the placement best.  Put your first layer of four down and then stack the other four on top.  This makes the sides of the basket

Step 4 -  Then, take a Twizzler and push it into the cake on opposite corners to make the basket handle

Step 5 - Fill the basket with treats.  We used Peeps and Jelly beans and the photo below shows a basket I made filled with strawberries.  Other fruit would have worked great too.

Quick Tips:  We noticed that the frosting tends to make the wafers warp a little.  Make sure if you are making these to give away that you deliver them soon after they are made.  

Another fun thing to do is let the kiddos be creative.  My little Bug decided to make a Hen House too.  It's quite cute and is like a gingerbread house but for spring.  Quite perfect for the first day of Spring don't ya think?!